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Author: Mary Wilson

Grey cat run sideways

Why do cats run sideways?

Find out why your cat might seem to be running sideways. Learn how the unique anatomy of their legs affects their movement and what you can do to help.

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White cat inside a closet

Why Do Cats Like Closets?

Do you have a cat that loves to jump into your closet and hide away from everyone for hours on end? Learn about the psychology behind why they love hiding in closets so much.

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Kitten licking pappy

Why do cats lick dogs?

Have you ever seen a cat licking another animal, usually a dog? Licking is all about friendship and bonding. Find out why cats lick dogs in this article!

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Ginger cat under blue white blanket

Why Do Cats Like Blankets?

Cats enjoy the warmth that the blanket provides, and most likely adore rubbing their face against the soft fabric. But what about sleeping at your feet? Here’s why…

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cat lying on human feet

Why Do Cats Like Feet?

The reason why cats rub up against your feet, sleep with their heads on your toes, and purr when they snuggle into the nook between your leg and the couch might seem a little strange.

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I am a happy cat parent and animal lover, and I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Living with three cats and my lovely husband – James. We like traveling around with our cats and writing in our free time. Sharing what we have learned over the years of cat ownership brings joy.