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Cat nose

Why Do Cats Touch Noses?

If you’ve ever seen two cats touch noses, you may have been wondering what the heck they’re doing. Wonder no more! This article explains why cats do this and what it means.

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Do Cats Remember Faces

Do Cats Remember Faces?

Learn how cats see and understand humans and their surroundings with this in-depth look at feline cognitive abilities. Discover the mental processes behind a cat’s ability to remember faces and recognize their owners.

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Cat hug shoes

Why Does My Cat Like My Shoes?

It is a common sight to see your cat sleeping or playing with your shoes. Your pet may not be very expressive, but there are some things that you can learn from them and try deciphering their mind.

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Cat in the car

How Far Can Cats Travel?

Wondering if your kitty can join you on road trips? This article has everything you need to know about how far cats can travel and how to make the journey as smooth as possible for them.

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