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Ginger cat under blue white blanket

Why Do Cats Like Blankets?

Cats enjoy the warmth that the blanket provides, and most likely adore rubbing their face against the soft fabric. But what about sleeping at your feet? Here’s why…

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cat lying on human feet

Why Do Cats Like Feet?

The reason why cats rub up against your feet, sleep with their heads on your toes, and purr when they snuggle into the nook between your leg and the couch might seem a little strange.

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Cat play with blue socks

Why do cats like socks?

Cats feel similar to the way prey feels in their mouth when they catch it. Other people believe that it’s because the fabric moves around and entices them to chase after it.

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Amazing cat sitting on cat tree

Why do cats like cat trees?

Are you thinking about getting your cat a tree to climb on but not sure why they’re so popular with cats yet? Here are a few reasons that might help you make up your mind.

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