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5 Best Cat Trees For Maine Coon Cats of 2022

January 8, 2022

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Maine coons are the largest domestic cat breed. They are beautiful cats with long bodies, big bones, and well-muscled. They often have very large paws in proportion to their body.

Each Maine coon has unique coat colors and patterns which vary from cat to cat. They come in dozens of different colors and combinations of colors, including tabby, tortoiseshell, smoke, shaded, silver, and cameo tabby patterns.

In A Rush? The Best 5 Cat Trees For Maine Coon Cats List:

Maine Coons are active but not hyperactive. They love to play with their families and enjoy the attention of humans. They often like to sit high up and oversee their territory. Maine coons also love high places where they can rest and sleep.

Maine Coon is a playful cat at heart who likes to stretch and scratch on vertical surfaces such as cat trees or scratching posts.

To keep your Maine coon happy and playful, it is necessary to provide them with suitable cat trees which allow them to play and stretch.

This article will list down the best cat trees for Maine coons.

Soft and comfortable, big fluffy pillow shelf that perfectly fits my giant cat. Even a removable, washable pad in the cushion makes this great for pet owners who have to deal with shedding animals all day long! The quality materials make it last much longer than other shelves I’ve seen out there on the market, too!

Cat tree details
Plush, Sisal, Fabric
Light Gray
44 LBS (20 kg)
Item Dimensions LxWxH
18.9"L x 18.9"W x 52"H (48*48*132 cm)

This is the perfect cat tree for your Maine Coon. This multi-level cat tree has everything they could ever want to play and relax in their own space. It’s made with a high-quality plush material that will keep them comfortable while lounging or playing on it. There are 2 spacious hideaway houses where they can sleep and lounge, as well as plenty of scratching posts to deter them from clawing up your furniture at home!

The top perch with thick padding makes a perfect napping lounge for your kitty, while the scratching pad provides hours of entertainment for them! And there are several layers of different levels for climbing up and down, which will provide endless fun for any curious cats out there!

Things We Like
  • Ideal for large cats up to 25lbs.
  • Extra-long (over 6 feet) and stable.
  • Neutral colors and modern design.


Things We Don’t
  • Hammock may be small

I have a large Maine Coon, Sassy. She is VERY smart & came to me at 1 yr old already litter trained. . .yes, I have taught her other things, but only because cats are so smart & are quick to learn.

She is an outdoor/indoor kitty. . .we live rurally & she loves being outside in the summer. Winter’s not so much fun for her then! She loves this cat tree!!

Cat tree details
Light grey
‎54.5 pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH
36.61 x 30.71 x 62.2 Inches

This large cat tree condo is the perfect place for your cats to play, scratch, and sleep. It’s also great for multiple cats to share! The design is sturdy and stable, so it won’t tip over when they jump on or off of it. Plus, there are 3 beds with raised edges that keep them from falling off.

There are 2 spacious hideaway houses where they can curl up inside and take a nap in peace. And don’t forget about the scratching posts – those will help deter them from clawing up your furniture!

Your big fluffy friend will be able to play with jingly balls, jump from platform to platform, scratch on sisal posts instead of your couch, and lounge in their own private hideaway houses. They’ll never want to leave this tree! Plus, it comes with an anchor strap so you can attach it securely to the wall when multiple cats are playing on it at once.

Things We Like
  • Durable materials.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great for multi Maine Coons.
  • Lots of scratching post.
Things We Don’t
  • Not for small apartments.

Assembling the tree was pretty easy. Just follow instructions step by step. You have to use your tools, though. I put it together in about 30 minutes with no issues. I would recommend this to other cat owners looking for a good quality tree at a reasonable price point.

My boy started scratching the tree when we first got it, but now he’s not so sure about it. He still likes to sit in there and look around, though. My girl loves the cat tree and sleeps in the top bed all the time (her brother doesn’t take up much room). It’s taller than I thought and it looks very nice.

Cat tree details
Engineered Wood
Item Weight
20.2 pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH
18.1 x 18.1 x 30.9 inches

Your Maine Coon deserves only the best! It should always feel safe and secure no matter what time of day it is. The SUPERJARE cat tree has everything a fluffy friend needs – soft plush platforms, scratching posts covered in natural sisal rope, a cozy house for napping, and even a toy ball that helps keep them entertained when they get bored!

With all these features combined into one amazing cat tree, If by any chance he does decide to leave his new favorite place – there are two holes at the bottom of each pillar so you can easily attach our patented cable system (included), which keeps him from going too far away from home.

Things We Like
  • Great for small apartments.
  • Soft plush platform.
  • Safe hook for dangling balls.
Things We Don’t
  • Not tall enough.

I do recommend this cat tree! It arrived quickly, was easy to assemble, and has stood up to my 16 lb cat’s use. He loves lounging up high on all three levels. And the price is great! I’ve seen other trees for twice as much that are not nearly as nice.

The Toozue cat tree is specially designed for Maine Coons. It’s covered in plush fabric, has super-strong posts that won’t shake or wobble when your big furry friend jumps on it, and includes a sturdy pad, so the platform doesn’t fall through. The top-level has a large area where your cats can lounge and relax. It’s also the perfect place to store their toys!

Cat tree details
CARB-Certified Particleboard
Item Weight
30.42 pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH
18.9 x 18.9 x 41.5 inches

Your Maine Coon deserves only the best! It should always feel safe and secure no matter what time of day it is. The Toozue cat tree has everything a fluffy friend needs – plush platforms, scratching posts covered in natural sisal rope, a cozy house for napping, and even a toy ball that helps keep them entertained when they get bored!

Things We Like
  • Workout Ramp.
  • Replaceable hanging ball.
  • Soft and cozy.
  • Natural sisal rope.
Things We Don’t
  • Only 41 inches.

This Super cat tree is a great purchase for your cat. I have had it almost three years now and recently moved across the country with it through several different apartments, and it still holds up!

My Maine Coon loves to sit at the top level, look around on her balcony, and scratch at the post. The bottom level is big enough for three cats to lay comfortably, and I’ve never had a problem with one of them wanting to sleep in the top basket!

Cat tree details
Plush, Sisal
Item Weight
23.25 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH
18.3 x 16 x 40 inches

The scratching post is still intact and leaves no marks when she scratches it (no matter how angry her claws get). She normally uses the post and not the brown thing for scratching, but we’ll see. I like to take apart and wash all of the parts inside once a month or so because my cat likes to sleep around it, and it’s not a big deal to me at all.

It’s really easy to put back together and move around if you need to! It took about 30 minutes to set up the first time we got it. I recommend this cat tree!

Things We Like
  • Plush hammock perfect Maine Coon.
  • Scratching ramp.
  • Dangling balls.
Things We Don’t
  • Not the easiest cat tree to assemble.

How to Choose The Best Tree for Maine Coon Breed?

That depends on what being a good cat tree means for you. Generally, a perfect cat tree with a couple of perches, scratching posts, and a hideaway has all most cats need. If your feline friend is an avid climber – make sure there are enough ledges and perches. If he loves to scratch – don’t forget about the scratching posts.

To provide your fluffy friend with a good cat tree, it has to be:

  • Platforms and condos.
  • Stable and secure.
  • Durable and able to hold at least 15 lbs (6.8 kg).
  • Tall enough.
  • Able to fit in your home.
  • Material for scratching posts.

It’s also important to consider the type of material used for the cat tree. Some cats are allergic to certain materials, so make sure you read all labels before buying anything.

Platforms and condos

Cats that love to lounge while scratching posts are very important if your Maine Coon is obsessed with scratching everything. Choose a cat tree with interchangeable parts if you’re unsure what your furry friend might like best.

Stable and secure

You want your cat to feel safe and secure getting up there, especially if they’re large. A tall, sturdy tree with a scratch post will help.

Durability and weight

You do not want a cat tree that’ll collapse under your cat’s weight, so make sure it can hold at least 15 lbs (6.8 kg). For large Maine Coons this should be no problem, but if you have other breeds living with you – check how much they weigh before buying anything. Height

Tall enough

Make sure you choose a tree that your cat can fit in when it wants to sleep or play. If you have smaller breeds, go for low-stature trees, but if you have a Maine Coon – make sure you pick something high enough not only for sleeping and playing purposes but also so they can stretch their muscles when they get up there.

Fits in your home

This seems to be a no-brainer, but it’s one of the most important factors – make sure you can fit your cat tree wherever you want it. Measure the space, read all labels and dimensions carefully before buying anything!

Material for scratching posts

All cats need to scratch; it’s in their DNA. Scratching is also healthy for them – it helps them shed the outer sheaths of their claws, stretch and tone muscles, mark territory (by leaving scratches on objects), exercise, relieve stress and anxiety (when they’re nervous or upset).

Many experts recommend covering those areas with vertical sisal scratching posts if your cat tends to scratch in unwanted places. That way, they will have a designated space to do it, and you can avoid any further problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maine Coon Cat Trees

The height of your cat tree for Maine Coons should be at least 50 inches, but the bigger, the better! A good height to start with is about 6 ft high.

Your cat will love his new climbing tower if you get one that has 3-5 levels! They are perfect for climbing up high to get a bird’s eye view of the room, but they are also great to jump on when your kitty is in a snit.

The price range for cat trees for Maine Coons varies greatly. You can find them anywhere from $50 all the way to several hundred dollars if you want a large one with a lot of cat condos. A good price baseline for your search is around $100.

Every cat needs a place to call their own, and what better place than their very own tree! It gives them a safe space to play, scratch, and sleep while you know they are safe.

If it’s well-made and not overused, you can expect your Maine Coon Cat Tree to last anywhere from 5-15 years. It is probably the most sturdy cat tree on this list! However, be sure to keep your cats’ weight in mind when buying a tree.

Maintenance for a Maine Coon’s tree is pretty minimal. Make sure you check it from time to time that no parts are loose or broken, and give everything a good dusting every few months. If it’s starting to look rough, you might want to replace the scratching post or put a new sisal rope on the posts.


No matter which cat tree you choose for your Maine Coon, be sure to get one that is sturdy and has plenty of levels for them to climb. Your kitty will love having a place all their own where they can scratch, play, and nap in peace!

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did making it! Please comment and share with other cat owners, and stay tuned for more articles like this.

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