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Best Cat Tree For Senior Cats – Buying Guide

November 1, 2022

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If you have a pet cat, you have to ensure that your cat is getting the best possible treatment. For senior cats, it becomes more important to <b Cats in their old age need utmost care and delicate support from their owners. This is where you can take help from a best cat tree for senior cats as they offer the best comfort for them.

A cat tree is designed to engage your pet cats in numerous activities, including scratching and jumping. However, for senior cats, the definition of a cat tree changes to something more cozy and comfortable in the first place. After growing to a fully mature state, cats start getting inactive. Therefore you need to ensure that your cat is doing some exercising and stretching to stay fit. Additionally, a cat tree for senior cats provides a comfortable lounging space.

Typically a good quality cat tree will offer natural rough-textured surfaces without sharp points with sisal ropes and soft padding. However, with so many options in the market, finding a perfect cat tree is tough. Here’s complete buying and reviews of the best cat trees in the market for your cats.

In A Rush? The Best 5 Cat Trees For Senior Cats

Cat in cover

Five Best Cat Trees For Senior Cats

Yaheetech 42in Cat Tree is my favorite and one of the best-selling cat trees for senior cats. This cat tree features an ergonomic design that offers stability on the carpet and hardwood floor. I ordered this cat tree two months ago, and now it gives a perfect resting space for two of my older cats to lounge and plays. 

For me, the best part was its construction. On top of it, this senior cat tree comes with a special condo, a basket, a nest, a scratching post, basket, and five unique scratching posts. This means now your cat has multiple lounging spaces resting without any interruption. 

  • Made with particleboard, sisal rope, and plush.
  • Dimension – 17 x 17 x 42 inch (L x W x H) with condo size of – 12 x 12 x 12 inch.
  • Wide & comfortable top platform.
  • Special scratching board for activity center (15.7 x 6 inches).
  • Each basket/platform/condo can bear a weight of up to 11lb.

The mainframe of this amazing cat tress is supplied with metal hardware and a dedicated anchor wall strap support. This means no tumbling or falling over with its advanced anti-topple design, The material used in it is skin-friendly and ultra-soft plush to offer the best experience for your pets.

However, while assembling it, I found it challenging at first. Because the holes in the perches are well hidden under the plush, you will not find them at first look. But once you do, the process becomes easy, and you will get it done in under 10 to 15 minutes on your own. Additionally, the product comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects, which is of great help when you want a senior cat tree that is made sturdy enough.

Things We Like
  • Sturdy design with anti toppling mechanism for stability.
  • Removable fur ball for engaging your cat.
  • Spacious & luxurious condos and perches.
  • Perches, platforms, and condos are designed to offer a perfect viewing site.
Things We Don’t
  • Assembling for the first time can be a bit tricky.
  • The ball on the string quickly wears off in just a few days.
Cat paws

Among all the options in the market, this is one of the best cat tree for senior cats giving your cat a cozy and comfortable resting place. The cat tree features a top comfortable wide perch, where your furry friend can stretch and relax after its workout. In addition, this tree is made of solid wood with a faux fur cover, making it a durable and skin-friendly option.

The assembly process includes attaching the mainframe of the product to the two sisal rope posts by using tipping brackets. This helps provide safety and additional stability for this senior cat tree. The other accessories include dual cat condos, a wide top perch for resting, a scratching post, and two corner perches. The perches are made with soft plush fabric that can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Modern and ergonomic design.
  • It weighs 44 pounds when fully assembled.
  • Dimensions are around 17.7 x 19.7 x 33.9 inches (L x W x H).
  • Perches, platforms, and condos are designed to offer a perfect viewing site.
  • Removable fur ball for engaging your cat.

Also, the posts and platforms of this cat tree are covered with faux fur, making it comfortable for your cats to rest on. Additionally, the hardwood frame is lightweight, making it easier to move around from place to place if required. Finally, the base of this cat tree is reinforced to provide extra stability.

This cat tree has become my personal favorite due to its sturdy design and beautiful color option. The best part, cats love it, and they spend the majority of their day wither playing or resting with this cat tree. However, the product is designed to be easy to assemble, and as such, it offers minimal assembly time.

Things We Like
  • Sturdy design with anti toppling mechanism for stability.
  • Removable fur ball for engaging your cat.
  • Spacious & luxurious condos and perches.
Things We Don’t
  • The sisal posts can be uncomfortable at times.
  • Few sisal posts are not fixed properly, which can be annoying.
Cat paws

New Cat Condos Large Cat Play Perch features a stylishly modern design that offers a cool resting space for your cats. The product is space-efficient and easy to move with its lightweight and sleek design. After taking this senior cat tree, the first thing that you notice is the stylish color combination, which is fresh and appealing to the eyes.

The perch height above ground level is 20 inches, which is enough for your cat to rest comfortably in it. Design is kept simple and basic to ensure better stability and longer life for this product. For me, this tree is more like an open playing station for my cats. Also, the platforms and perches are feather touch comfortable for additional comfort.

  • Hand-built for quality assurance and better life.
  • Two playing levels to keep your cat engaged.
  • Made with solid wood, household grade carpet, and un-oiled sisal rope.
  • Sturdy and portable design.
  • Product dimensions after assembling – 20″W x 20″d x 32″H.

This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. The unit is quite stable and can easily hold itself in place as it has reinforced corner posts, which is one of the best features of this cat tree. Additionally, the scratching posts are made of un-oiled sisal posts or rough surfaces on these perches, making them ideal for cats.

All in all, this is a mid-range product for those who want better value for their money. If your furry friend is rather active and you feel no requirement for a cat condo, this is the perfect option. When looking for a lightweight yet durable cat tree to give your cat a roomy resting space, this New Cat Condos Large Cat Play Perch should be your first choice.

Things We Like
  • Stylish, modern, and sleek design.
  • It comes pre-assembled to avoid all your hassle.
  • Handmade for best quality assurance.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.
Things We Don’t
  • No condos or any private space for resting.
  • Design is average and can be improved a lot.
Cat paws

Tooley Cat Tree, 41.5″ Cat Tower, is designed to provide a variety of resting spots and a comfortable environment for cats of older age. This cat tree comprises two levels, one large level, and the other smaller level. This cat tree is perfect for all kinds of cats as it offers enough space for both small and large-sized cats to be comfortable in it.

The design used in putting this cat tree together is ultra-modern with a basic yet elegant look that guarantees a long life for this product. Another good thing is that it doesn’t take too much time to construct this cat tree, as the product dimension is around 18.9 x 18.9 x 41.5 inches (L x W x H) making it perfect to small apartments.

  • Made from solid wood material with vinyl in different colors to keep it durable.
  • Two levels to give your cats extra space for play.
  • Features adjustable perches, platforms, and condo for a better view.
  • Lightweight & portable weight is around 30.5 pounds (approx).

Additionally, there are two condos which means your feline friend now has choices for longing. From the bottom, this cat tree is covered with skin-friendly plush to offer the utmost safety and comfort level. The units are made from solid wood with heavy-duty vinyl on the base. 

The main feature of this cat tree is its dual levels.. The product is also designed to have a lot of space between its levels so that your cats can enjoy the open spaces to play around. If you are looking for a spacious cat tree, then this Toozey Cat Tree, 41.5″ Cat Tower, is the right choice.

Things We Like
  • A straightforward assembling process.
  • It offers the best-elevated views from a comfortable height.
  • Features two cat condos, one sisal ramp, and three sisal-rope scratching points.
  • Available in three great colors.
Things We Don’t
  • The design of the perch is the average class.
  • The top perch of this cat tree can be difficult for senior cats to reach.
Cat paws

Hey-brother has a solid reputation for offering the best cat tree for senior cats, and this cat tree with a multi-level design is a perfect display of it. The unit is available in various color options to suit every type of taste. In addition, it comes with various four-step-like platforms structure where your cats can rest and play so that they won’t get bored.

The overall dimensions of this cat tree are around 20″w x 20″d x 32″H, which means it will be a bit smaller than other options in this list. However, rest assured it offers the best in class comfort and fun experience for senior cats. The perches of this cat tree are made from household carpet, unoiled sisal rope, and a solid wood frame, which ensures this product’s longevity.

  • Perfect dimensions for small to average cats.
  • Features a variety of levels and perches for your cats to enjoy.
  • Promotes healthy behavior in cats.
  • Quality assured product by Hey-brother brand.

The top level of the cat tree is made from heavy-duty sisal loops, allowing you to use this as a scratching post for your cats. As this unit comprises a variety of levels and resting areas, it allows your pet to enjoy a comfortable stay. The base of this unit is made from natural heavy-duty foam. 

The cat tree is relatively lightweight as its overall weight is around 25 pounds which means transportation won’t be a hassle for you. Apart from being lightweight, this unit is also easy to assemble.

Things We Like
  • Several levels for resting and playing.
  • Five brilliant color options (Gray, Beige, Green, Blue, Brown).
  • The product is easy to assemble.
  • Made best quality material and solid architecture to support rough and tough use.
Things We Don’t
  • No condos, longing basket, or sisal ramp for playing.
  • Quite small in size and suits only senior cats.

As you can see from the five cat trees listed above, you can find a perfect match for your cat regardless of its size, age, and activity level. The best part about these products is that they come with several features designed to keep your cats healthy and active. Just order any product from this list, and your furry friend will thank you for this amazing gift.

Senior cat on top of cat tree

What To Look For While Buying Cat Tree For Senior Cats?

As pet owners, it is our responsibility to provide the best care and support to our pets. However, in the case of senior cats, the demand of the hour is more crucial. Cat tree is an amazing product to keep your cats engaged. Offer to play, jumping, and scratching areas.

However, for senior cats, the definition of a cat tree changes much more toward comfort level. If you are looking for the best cat trees for your senior cats, there are a few points to watch out for. A few such points are detailed here.

Large Platforms

Cats love to leap up and down on the tops of cat trees. A good purchase has large platforms with pegs or steps to climb. These steps will ensure your cats stay healthy as they will always be able to get enough exercise. 

Also, large platforms offer an additional resting area for your cats while they are playing. You need your cat to sit comfortably on a wide enough platform to fit their body. There is no point in a short-size platform where your furry pets feel uncomfortable or adjust by hanging on. 

Raised Levels

For senior cats, it is best to have raised levels where one can stretch out their legs and rest comfortably on the top level for their entire resting time. In addition, these levels make it possible for them to get a view of their surroundings.

Additionally, it allows your cats to play around comfortably without getting distracted by objects. The raised edges also work as a playing spot, apart from ensuring better safety. If you have a senior cat, a cat tree with raised edges covered with sisal rope is worth buying. 

Maximum Weight

As the senior cat lacks agility, it needs a durable cat tree that can support a larger amount of weight. The minimum number of pounds you should look for while buying the cat tree is around 80 pounds. This will ensure your pet is comfortable while playing. 

Cats, as they age, start gaining weight and become heavier. Therefore while buying any cat tree for your senior cats, go through its weight capacity. In addition, when a cat jumps or leaps, they generate a force much heavier than their body weight. So make sure that your cat tree is capable of handling decent weight. 

Materials Used In Making

You need to consider the materials used in making the cat tree along with the above things. Most of the cat trees available in the market are made of wood or plastic. Now, wood is a better option as it easily lasts for a lifetime, and one doesn’t have to worry about replacing them after a few years of use. 

Also, these trees are sturdy and do not get damaged easily, even if your cats have a habit of scratching on them. On the other hand, plastic can break down from time to time and doesn’t offer much comfort like wooden trees. 

Bed Size & Overall Size

The size of the bed your cat’s pet needs can vary depending on the size of your cat. For instance, when your cat reaches a certain age, you will notice them getting slow and heavy and spend more time resting than jumping. So if your cat is nearing grand age, you need to go for a larger-sized bed where they can comfortably lie down and sleep.

No matter what the size of your cat is, the overall height of its new tree needs to be around 6-8 inches from top-level to ground level. Always go for a tall but lightweight bed that won’t offer more discomfort than comfort during resting periods.

Can laying down in cat tree

Frequently Asked Questions

Aged cats do not mean old but rather slow in movement and health. Unlike humans, cats reach their old age state quite faster. Any cat that ages over 11 years are considered a senior cat, and at 14 years, they become super senior. However, the age number for seniority can vary across different breeds and the genetics of different cats.

Yes, you can put your cat in a cat tree at night and let him/her sleep there. However, while your cat is resting in the tree, make sure there is a minimum height of around 6-8 inches between ground level and the top level. This will ensure that the sleeping area is safe for them to sleep comfortably. Also, it will keep their organs balanced because they are not used to sleeping on higher levels than they are used to.

Senior cats are known for weight gain and become heavier towards age. So if you have a cat that is getting older, it is advisable to buy one for them. It can be helpful for your cat to move around more frequently and keep in check with exercising. A cat also offers a perfect resting and playing spot for activities like hanging, climbing, scratching, and jumping from place to place.


If you love cats and want to keep them healthy, active, and happy, buying a best cat tree for senior cats is the best bet. These specialized trees are no more just for your pet’s exercise but must-have furniture for senior cats.

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