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Best Toys For Cats Home Alone

Best Toys for Cats Home Alone – Automated Cat Toys

October 2, 2021

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Currently, people are starting to go back to their jobs after last year’s sudden spike of work from home. If you’re also going to your job again, you might want to look for a toy to keep your cat entertained.

Cats are always curious and playful. So, if they’re left alone at home, they might get bored or lonely, leading to destructive behavior! No one wants that. Here is a list of the best automated toys for cats home alone. There are many different cat toys on this list, so no matter what your cat’s interests are, there will be something for them!

How to keep a cat entertained while cats are home alone?

Automatic laser toys are a great way to keep cats entertained while they’re home alone. Some of these automatic laser toy projects need an external power source, so make sure you have everything set up before your cat gets bored! 

This is also important if the toy emits sounds when it moves around because this might scare your pet and cause frustration.

Another great toy for your cat is a flopping fish toy. These are inexpensive and will keep your cat entertained for hours! Hide-and-seek with treats is another great way to get your kitty moving around the house while they’re home alone.

In addition to this, indoor cats need a lot of physical activity because they probably don’t have a yard to run in and exercise their hunting instincts. Thus, buying automated cat toys may be a great idea to guarantee your kitty has fun even while you’re gone. Read on and learn about the best toys you could buy for your pet!

To answer the question “how to keep a cat entertained?” you might want to try using the Motorized Cat Toy by Cat’s Meow, which is an excellent choice since it helps kitties do some exercise as they run around playing with it.

It has three different speeds, which means cats can enjoy various options while you quickly switch from one to another by simply pressing a button. 

In addition, Cat’s Meow is a top brand to produce fun toys for your pet, but the Motorized Cat Toy has a unique feature: the wand changes direction when you least expect it. Your kitty can start playing and spend a long time completely enthralled by the toy’s quick changes, so it is an ideal item for young pets who need to spend a lot of time playing around. 

Even though the Motorized Toy requires batteries, you can easily buy them in any store, so you shouldn’t let that stop you from choosing the toy. Here are some pros and cons you should keep in mind: 

Things We Like

  • It’s ideal for indoor cats of all ages 
  • It works on all types of floors 

Things We Don’t

  • It requires batteries, which are not included 

The second item on the list is one of the most adorable toys you could buy for your cat: The Interactive Flutter Bug. Although its design might seem cute, this automatic cat toy has a specific design to activate your kitty’s predator instincts, making sure interactive play sessions are immensely fun as they spend time trying to catch the butterfly.

Additionally, the toy includes two butterfly replacements. In other words, you don’t need to worry if your kitten destroys one in a particularly fun playing session – you simply have to change it, and let the fun begin again! 

Lastly, your kitty might be able to destroy the butterflies, so you would have to get more replacements. However, they are not hard to find, so you should definitely get the Flutter Bug toy if you believe your cat might love it! Check out some of its pros and cons: 

Things We Like

  • The butterfly rotates at a 360 degree 
  • All for Paws offers a one-year money-back warranty

Things We Don’t

  • If your kitty destroys the original butterfly and the replacements, you might need to buy more 

If you love cats, you have probably seen kitties chasing around laser lights on the internet, or you might have even tried it yourself at home. The Automatic Laser Toy is one of the best automated cat toys because it turns on and off by itself, letting your cat play even when you’re not home! Its laser can simply turn on and your kitty can go wild chasing it around and having a lot of fun. 

Moreover, you can charge the Automatic Laser Toy via USB charging, which means you can save a lot of time and never have to worry about buying batteries. It’s very convenient since you only have to plug it in! 

Thirdly, although an automatic laser cat toy might not work properly for you, if the laser doesn’t appear to be on, all you need to do is to take the unit apart and adjust the metal contacts! Now, evaluate the toy’s pros and cons:

Things We Like

  • It has five adjustable circling ranges 
  • It’s perfect for cats of all ages 

Things We Don’t

  • Sometimes, the interactive laser cat toy might not work 

Firstly, the Fling Cat Toy is one of Moody Pet’s best automated cat toys, and a great way to keep indoors cat entertained for hours. The mentioned toy is a string-flinging machine that’s perfect for all types of kitties, so it can give your cat endless fun! Regardless of their age, cats love to play, and they may adore this wonderful item. 

On the other hand, the Fling Cat toy is also designed to keep your cat healthy because it helps them exercise. Indoor cats need to have plenty of physical activity, which is why a toy like this one might be of help. It has even won awards, such as the Editor’s Choice in Cat Fancy Magazine. 

Last but not least, the Fling Cat Toy is operated by batteries only and they are not included, so you must buy them before giving the toy to your cat. You can simply solve that by buying the required AA batteries, so it’s nothing to worry about. Take a look at the toy’s pros and cons: 

Things We Like

  • No assembly required 
  • You can hang it on any doorknob 

Things We Don’t

  • You must buy batteries before your cat can play with it

The last item on this list is the Automatic Electric Rotating Butterfly by Pawzone Store. It’s also a fantastic automated cat toy for your kitty, and its primary feature is that it includes several items in one. This wonderful object has a track toy, a rolling ball, two butterflies, and a unique UFO shape that your pet may love!

Secondly, the Automatic Electric Rotating Butterfly has a special design to ensure your cat’s scratching antics don’t do any damage to it. Its materials are extra strong, so regardless of your kitty’s wildness during playtime sessions, the toy can last a long time without suffering any harm. 

Finally, even though the material on the base is quite sturdy, the butterflies are connected through a fine metal post. Thus, your cat might easily break it if they’re very strong. However, you can separate the two structures and supervise your kitty while they play! Look at the toy’s pros and cons: 

Things We Like

  • It’s 100% for cats and owners 
  • The toy moves around unpredictably, which is why kitties love it 
  • It’s easy to use and to assembly 

Things We Don’t

  • The metal attaching the butterflies is rather thin, so it might break after constant swatting 


If you got this far, you probably know which automated cat toy is the best of all the ones mentioned before. By far, the most fantastic item you could buy for your fluffy friend is Yve Life’s Automatic Laser Toy, which is simply perfect to ensure your pet has a lot of fun while you’re at work. 

Although you should play with your cat from time to time, sometimes it’s simply not possible, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. You have to work, and your kitty still needs to play. Therefore, getting Yve Life’s toy might be the right solution to keep your pet entertained even when you’re not at home!

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