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Buyer Guide: Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment

July 19, 2022

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If you live in a small space, you would naturally want to utilize every corner and space you see. Especially if you have pets like cats, it becomes crucial to manage the space inside the place. As cats can never sit in one place, you need to make sure that the lack of space does not become a hindrance in their activities.

Thus, to help you make the wisest decision regarding your cat’s entertainment, you can choose to buy the best cat tree for small apartment. Pets companies have multiple options that can help your cat with a place to scratch, sleep, sit and play even if the area is limited.

Though you would need to look for specific features to ensure that you are not compromising the comfort and safety of the kitty for a small size. Thus, if you want to make the most out of your investment, here are the five best cat trees if you are short on space.

In A Rush? The Best 5 Cat Trees For Small Apartment

Best 5 Cat Trees To Make The Most Out Of The Small Space

Nothing else can be better than Toozey Cat Tree for medium and small cats. This cat tree is specifically designed for indoor cats to provide them with a place where they can carry out all the activities. 

So your kitty gets a place to scratch, climb as well as explore. You never have to worry about your kitty getting bored if you get this cat tree. Why? Because there is a ball hanging down from the perch that can be replaced with any other toy anytime.

Your cat also satisfies the natural instinct of examining the surroundings by sitting on the cat tower. The scratch posts are made up of natural sisal rope that can withstand the harsh scratching done by the little one. The plush used in this tree is extremely soft, letting the kitty feel cozy while being inside it. The base is pretty sturdy, so you do not have to worry about it falling when the cat lounges on the top.

Cat tree details
Engineered Wood
30.4 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH
18.9 x 18.9 x 41.5 inches

However, there was one issue that I had to face, and it was the assembling process. The screw holes are pretty hard to find, which delayed the whole process for me. The assembling process for a person who is purchasing the cat tree may be a bit tricky and consume a lot of time. But, the manufacturers understood this issue pretty well. Thus, they came up with the solution of providing the customers with a step-by-step guide. So if you go through this guide correctly, you will have no issues assembling it.

The Toozey Cat Tree is an excellent choice if you want to provide your cat will the comfort of living in a safe and cozy place.

Things We Like
  • Natural sisal rope scratch post
  • Safe and cozy
Things We Don’t
  • It may be not easy to assemble for the first time, but it can be learned through the provided guide

Stating from personal experience, this cat tree is perfect to be placed within a small area. The cat will not feel bored or tired of being in this tree.

Since the cat lives inside the house, the primary issue that many cat owners have is the lack of outdoor activities for the little one. But that is no longer a matter of worry as you can purchase On2 Pets Cat Tree that can give your cat the ultimate outdoor climbing experience. There is no worry about your cat feeling insecure or unsafe with this cat tree. The tree compromises neither on utility nor on the aesthetics of the place.

The most remarkable feature about this best cat tree for small apartment is the design which resembles an actual tree. This is why your cat will absolutely love using this tree. The material used to make this tree is all high quality, making it sturdy for the little one to jump around. It also offers the cat different areas to explore and many objects to engage with. It can help your cat use all the senses with the various activities. All the material used in the construction is free of toxicity. Thus, you need not worry about your cat suffering from any allergies.

Cat tree details
Engineered Wood, Silk, Carpet, Artificial turf, Polyvinyl Chloride
On2 Pets
32 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH
24 x 24 x 60 Inches

After assembling, my pet cat seemed to love playing with the branches. However, the branches came out as the cat applied some pressure. So the branches needed to be put back in place. But on a positive note, if you accurately assemble them, they do not come out that easily. Thus, you will require attaching them in the right way to ensure the cat does not have any hindrance in playing.

Overall, if you want to provide your cat with a cat tree that lets the cat feels like being in the natural surroundings.

Things We Like
  • Perfect for letting the cat experience outdoor activities
  • Sturdy base to allow movement
  • No toxic material used for manufacturing
Things We Don’t
  • The branches may fall off if not attached properly

Thus, if you pay a little attention while assembling, you will have a great cat tree for your cat to enjoy.

Black cuty kitty climb on a cat tree

If you are looking for a cat tree that will blend in with the colors of your house, go for FISH&NAP Cat Tree. The design and hue of this cat tree do not stand out and seem like a part of your household furniture. There are three holes in its base, and the board is pretty large enough. Thus, the cat tree is sturdy enough to ensure that the cat is not tripping over anything and can sleep and relax comfortably in the place.

The material is not non-toxic to the cats and is comfortable enough for them to lay in it the whole day. There is natural sisal rope used for the scratching posts, which can last pretty long even when your cat is continuously scratching it. The platform is spacious enough for the cat to enjoy and play. There is also a ball for the little one to play with. You also get a manual to guide you through the assembling process, making things at least ten times easier.

Cat tree details
Plush, Sisal
Item Weight
13.5 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH
16.98 x 13 x 34.64 inches

However, one thing that may bother you is that you need to place this beside a wall for it to have the extra support. When it was put in the center of the room, I could observe a slight movement in the structure as the cat jumped or played inside it. Though it shook slightly, there was no issue with the cat falling. So it is pretty safe to be put in the middle. But the best way to put it in the room is by supporting it with a wall.

Overall, it is a good cat tree that will ensure the safety and aesthetics of the place. Your cat will be comfortable lying down and playing inside the structure without having any additional worries.

Things We Like
  • Blends well with the surrounding
  • Cozy and non-toxic material
  • High quality faux fur
Things We Don’t
  • It may shake a little but can be stabilized after putting against a wall

This cat tree is perfect for small apartments where you usually do not have much space to put such a structure in the middle.

If you are looking for all in-one-spot for the cat to do all the activities in one place, choose to use MWP Multi-Level Cat Tree. Then, your cat can freely lounge, leap and hone its expert hunting skills. The tower is specifically made to replicate the natural environment a cat expects to have in the outdoors. Unlike humans, cats need more vertical space to enjoy a plethora of activities.

This cat tree helps provide just that. Your cat can even jump around from one perch to another to climb on the top of the tower. Even dangling toys will let your cat develop excellent hunting skills or even bat the toys to kill boredom. In addition, all the material used in this cat tree is cat friendly. Thus, you do not have to worry about the cat feeling uncomfortable or irritated while being in the tree. The plush covering is extremely gentle with the skin of the little one. And the cat will have a good time scratching the nails on the sisal posts.

Cat tree details
Engineered Wood
Item Weight
29 lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxH
19.7 x 19.7 x 63.8 inches

There is a piece of the ladder in the way to the upper levels. Though this ladder is there to help the little one have fun while climbing, it seemed to bother the little one very much. However, once the ladder was removed, my cat seemed more satisfied with the place. Since the cats love to jump around, it was not a big deal for the kitty to jump to the upper levels.

This cat tree is great if you are looking for something to put in the little space and is safe and comfy for the pet.

Things We Like
  • Flexible toy
  • Warm plush condo
  • Firm hammock
Things We Don’t
  • The ladder may cause problems but can be removed easily.

From a personal point of view, if the ladder is not in the way, this cat tree can be the perfect place for your cat to live in.

Black brown cat inside cat tree

If you are low on the budget but want to buy a comfortable cat tree for the little one, TINWEI Cat Tree Scratching Toy Activity Cat Tower can be considered perfect. The design of the cat tree is ideal for your cat to feel safe and carry out any activity it desires. Furthermore, the top tower lets the little one observe the surroundings while sitting on the top of the world.

The fur used in it is very high-quality faux fur, making it highly comfortable for the cat to enjoy. In addition, the posts have natural sisal ropes wrapped around the post that make it extremely durable to withstand the unstoppable scratching done by the kitty.

Cat tree details
Engineered Wood, Faux Fur
Grey-cat tree
Item Weight
16.58 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH
25.98" x 16.14“ x 35.43"

Though it must be kept against the wall to provide it enough support. Once the cat jumped and ran on it, it did not seem like the most stable cat tree. But, after placing it against the wall, there was no movement whatsoever, and the cat could carry out any activity without any additional worry.

Hence, it can be stated as a good cat tower, especially for the price you have to pay. Your cat will be able to enjoy being inside the comfortable material.

Things We Like
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfy
  • Faux fur
Things We Don’t
  • May shake with aggressive movement but can be stabilized by putting next to a wall

Overall, this cat tree will ensure that the cat can carry out its favorite activities even in a small place. Just use the support of the wall, and the worry regarding the cat’s safety is long forgotten.

Grey white kitty inside cat tree

Things You Need To Look At Before Buying

Buying the best cat tree for small apartment is not the easiest task as there are a lot of factors that need to be considered beforehand. If you have any doubts regarding the aspects, here is what you need to consider.

High-quality materials

The first and foremost factor that demands your attention is the quality of the material used. If the material is of high quality, it will withstand the harsh and aggressive treatment your kitty may be giving it. Thus, you will not have to worry about wear and tear.

The material is necessary to ensure the durability of the cat tree, but it is also crucial for your pet’s health. High-quality material will be non-toxic to the pet. Thus, your cat will remain healthy, and there will be no possible skin allergies.

Hence, you need to ensure that the material is soft, non-allergic, and durable.

Maximum weight

Not all cats are of the same size. Some cat breeds naturally weigh more than the other breed. Thus, you would want a cat tree that can tolerate the weight of your little pet while it is jumping and playing on the top of it.
In case you are planning to or already have multiple cats, consideration of maximum weight is crucial. Cat trees are rarely designed for a single cat.

Hence, you can use a single structure for your multiple cats but only on the condition that the tree can tolerate so much weight at the same moment.

Overall size

The size of the cat tree depends upon the place it is going to be placed in. as you may be looking for a tree that can fit in a small apartment, then going for a smaller yet appropriate size is recommended. However, you can go for any size you desire for the larger spaces. 

Another factor that will help you determine the size is the number of cats. If you have multiple cats, you would not want to have two separate cat trees for them. So, in that condition, go for a cat tree that is large enough for all of them to stay together. 

Large platforms

Kitties like large platforms to play and even sit. Thus, it would be best to consider buying a cat tree that is large enough for your cat to sit and jump on. If the size is smaller than the cat, the platform will be ignored as the cat will not prefer sitting on it.

One way to get your hands on the right size is by measuring the kitty before purchasing it. Now look for a cat tree that offers a larger platform than the size of your cat. As long as the cat is comfortable sitting on the platform, it serves the purpose well.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cat tree is a place that lets your little pet have enough space to carry out different activities. A cat can sleep, play, rest or even observe the surroundings while being in the structure. Ideally considering, one should place the cat tree in a spacious room. In such a way, one can have a broad view to observe what the little one is up to. 

If there is a window in the room, you have found the right place where this cat tree deserves to be. Cats were wild animals before humans started domesticating them. Their wild nature makes them keen on watching the open sky and the activities taking place outside. 

A window will let the little one watch the birds roaming in the sky or the passers-by in the street near your house. This spot will let the cat pay equal attention to the outside and the inside. Your cat will be happier if it gets a good view of indoors paired with a few outside activities.

Cats are generally fine with living in any place where they can play and live peacefully. The feline species have no such preference regarding the place their master lives in. a cat living in a small apartment can be as happy as a cat living in a big mansion. 

However, there is a disadvantage of living in a small space for the little one. The space to play gets less for them. However, there is not much you need to worry about if you bring a cat tree into the home. Just because the cat does not have enough horizontal space does not mean it cannot enjoy the vertical space. 

If you get a good cat tree that facilitates the activities, the cat will not bother roaming in a small space. Thus, in this way, you will not be bothered at all. Furthermore, besides a cat tree, you can also purchase other things to keep the cat satisfied and comfortable. Hence, in this way, the cat will not be worrying about the shortage of space at home.

Though there is no compulsion to put the cat tree near the window, it can be the best place to put your cat’s favorite place. However, a few cat trees need to be put beside a wall, and thus, a window might not be the best place if the tree is too small.

As the cat will be engrossed in seeing the outside world, it will provide the cat a sense of relief by not feeling caged up. Thus, it is better to place the cat tree near the window rather than letting the little one get bored of seeing the same view of the apartment or the house. 

However, you have to be extra careful about the placement of the best cat tree for small apartment. There is a need to press it against the window because it may be dangerous for the little one. However, if you are not home most of the time, which limits the kitty’s going out, you must put it in that place. In addition, it will provide the cat with mental stimulation by seeing the view.  

In addition, the kitty will be able to experience different weathers, like the sun and slow blowing breeze. Hence, it can be the right decision to put the cat tree in such a spot.


Getting your cat a suitable cat tree for the small apartment will help you solve the issue of your cat not having enough space to play. However, buying a cat tree for a smaller area has different requirements, and one cannot just choose any random one. It would be best to make sure that even after the space and tree are small, the cat can play and is comfortable enough.

So, to help you save some time from going through various products, here are presented the five best cat trees for small apartments. You can easily choose the one that seems to fulfill your requirements well. In case you are still doubtful, here are listed the factors that will help you choose the right one for your cat.

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