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10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy and Active

March 15, 2022

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Owning a cat can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it when you see them happy and healthy. In this post, we’ll give you 10 tips to keep your cat healthy and active. From feeding them the right food to playing with them regularly, these tips will help you create a better life for your feline friend. So read on and start taking care of your kitty today!

1. Feed Them the Right Food

One of the most important things you can do for your cat’s health is feed them a nutritious diet. Look for foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Also, make sure to avoid processed foods and those with artificial ingredients. Instead, opt for natural, whole foods that will give your cat the nutrients to stay healthy.

2. Play With Them Regularly

Cats need exercise just like any other animal, and one of the best ways to help them get it is by playing with them regularly. This is great for their physical health, but it’s also great for their mental health. It will help them stay sharp and active, and it can even help reduce stress levels. So set aside some time each day to play with your cat, and they’ll be sure to thank you for it.

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3.Keep Their Litter Box Clean

Another important aspect of caring for your cat is keeping their litter box clean. This is more hygienic for your kitty, but it will also help keep them from tracking litter all over your house. Scoop out the box at least once a day, and be sure to change the litter completely every week or so.

4. Brush Their Fur Regularly

Cats shed a lot of furs, and it can be a pain to deal with. But brushing their fur regularly will help reduce the amount of shedding, and it’s also good for their skin and coat. Not to mention, it’s a great way to bond with your cat. So set aside some time each week to give them a good brushing, and they’ll be sure to appreciate it.

5. Give Them Plenty of Water

Like all animals, cats need plenty of water to stay hydrated. Make sure to always have a clean bowl of fresh water available and refill it. You can also add some ice cubes to their water during the hotter months to help keep them cool.

6. Take Them to the Vet Regularly

Another important part of taking care of your cat is regularly taking them to the vet. This will help to catch any health problems early, and it will also allow you to keep up with their vaccinations. Be sure to take them at least once a year and more often if they have any health concerns.

7. Give Them Their Own Space

Cats are very independent animals, and they need their own space to feel comfortable. Make sure to provide them with a place where they can be alone when they want to, such as a room or a corner of the house. This will help them feel safe and secure, and it will give them a place to escape when they need some time alone.

8. Stimulate Their Senses

Cats are very curious creatures, and they love to explore their environment. To help keep their minds active, provide them with plenty of toys and games that stimulate their senses. This can include scratching posts for them to scratch, toys that move or make noise, and even a litter box with different textures for them to explore.

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9. Protect Them From the Sun

Cats are very prone to sunburn, which can be very dangerous for them. So be sure to protect them from the sun by keeping them indoors during the hottest hours of the day and providing them with a shady spot to relax in when they are outside.

10. Spay or Neuter Them

One of the best things you can do for your cat’s health is to have them spayed or neutered. This will help prevent them from getting certain types of cancer, and it will also help keep them from wandering off and getting lost. It’s a safe and effective procedure, and it’s one of the best things you can do for your cat’s health.


Taking care of a cat can be a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it. These are just a few things you can do to help keep your cat healthy and happy. So be sure to implement these tips into your daily routine, and your cat will surely thank you for it.

Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson
I am a happy cat parent and animal lover, and I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Living with three cats and my lovely husband - James. We like traveling around with our cats and writing in our free time. Sharing what we have learned over the years of cat ownership brings joy.
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