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cat hang around your house

Cats hang around the houses

October 20, 2021

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Cats are mysterious animals. They seem to do what they want when they want. One day they’re there, the next day you can’t find them anywhere. You might be tempted to think that cats just come and go as they please for no reason at all.

But if you stop and look closely, it’s easy to see why cats hang around houses–and what that means about their personality traits. This article will explain why cat hangs around houses, what that means.

What does it mean when cats hang around your house?

It means that they’re well-mannered creatures–they understand boundaries and respect the space you give them. Cats that hang around houses at all hours of the day may be looking for a warm place to shelter from the cold or recognize that your home is a calmer environment than their usual territory.

It could also just mean that they’re really into you. Cats are territorial animals, so if one chooses your house to hang around in, it might be because they see your home as a sort of the second territory–in other words, cats want to make sure other cats know who the ruler is.

Cats as a good omen

In ancient times, cats were seen as a symbol of fertility, and their presence was welcomed in homes with newborns. In England, a black cat crossing in front of you is considered bad luck. In the Middle East, a white cat crossing in front of you is considered to be a good omen.

Things that attract cats to your yard

Having a cat around your house is great, but you don’t want them to be destroying your property. Here are some ways to keep cats out of your yard without being mean–cats can sense when an area isn’t safe or doesn’t have enough resources.

  • Plant rosemary around the perimeter of your yard so that cats will stay away.
  • Plant lavender or rue around the perimeter of your yard so that cats will stay away.
  • Put aluminum foil, citrus peels, coffee grinds, human hair, or blood meal around the perimeter of your yard to keep cats out, as these are all things that cats hate and won’t come near.
  • Put up fences that are at least three feet tall to keep cats out of your yard, as they can’t climb over them as dogs can.
  • Bathe the perimeter of your yard with water to keep cats away. They don’t like having their paws wet, so this is a natural deterrent for them.
  • Purchase a motion-activated sprinkler and set it to go off whenever it senses movement.
  • Offer your cat a hangout spot in your yard that you can build or buy, like a cat house or an outdoor shelter.

What does it mean when a cat picks you?

Cats are very intuitive animals. If a cat picks you, it could mean that the animal has chosen you to be their lifelong friend and loyal companion.

Some people had even reported cats picking them out of photographs–meaning that the animals saw something special in them before they ever met in real life.

But don’t take this as an invitation to abuse a cat–if a cat picks you, it’s for a reason. Cats are extremely sensitive creatures, and they notice when people treat them with kindness or cruelty.

If you want a cat to pick you, be the kind of person who would make a good friend for an animal like them. Show your love and affection for animals, and they’ll naturally gravitate toward you.

Cats as a symbol of independence

Why do cats hang around houses? They might be looking for warmth or safety, but another reason is that it means they’re independent creatures who know how to take care of themselves.

While dogs tend to follow their humans everywhere and need constant attention, cats are more aloof and independent, preferring to spend time alone.

If your cat hangs around your house all the time, it might mean that they don’t feel the need to be with you constantly–in fact, you might even enjoy some alone time!

What does it mean when a cat won't leave your house?

If a cat seems to be loitering around your house, keeping you company, and doesn’t leave, it could mean that they feel comfortable in your home. In some cases, though, cats will stick around for their safety reasons–if they get locked out of the house or try to find a warm place to sleep at night.

Cats are often considered an independent creature that prefers to spend most of their time by itself. If you have a cat that hangs around your house often, it might mean that they feel comfortable in the home and don’t need constant company.

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Cats around your house are a good thing! It means that you’re doing something right. If they hang out at your place often, it’s because the cat feels comfortable and safe in your home.

As long as you keep them fed with healthy food and provide them with an appropriate amount of attention, cats will typically stick around without any issues whatsoever.

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