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Kitten play with red string

Cats play with strings

November 11, 2021

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You’ve seen it a million times. You’re sitting around, minding your own business, when suddenly you see your cat slink across the room and start pawing at something in the corner of the room. You turn to look and find them playing with a string or yarn that they have seemingly pulled out from who knows where! What is going on?! why do cats like to play with string? It turns out there are many reasons why felines love their favorite toy so much! 

What is a string?

A string is a loose weave of fibers, usually made from cotton or a similar material. Cats love it because they can easily paw and bite at the string without worrying about any kind of damage.

Most strings are also very elastic, which causes them to flop around as cats bat at them, making the experience even more fun for those who like to pounce. Finally, string (or yarn) is lightweight, making it easy for cats to carry around in their mouths without getting tired.

Why do cats like to play with string?

Here are some explanations why cats play with string so much!

Strings are fun to chase

Who doesn’t love to run around after something that’s just out of their grasp? Cats are no different, and chase toys are always a hit with our feline friends. A piece of string hanging loose can be batted around by cats for hours, allowing them to have some serious cardio without any effort on their part.

A string is great for teething

We all know cats love to chew, but it can be difficult to satisfy the urge when they are constantly chewing up things around your home. Since the string is usually pretty durable, cats can sink their teeth into it without worrying about breaking anything expensive or important to you.

Cats love to play with their prey

Cats are predators and like to mimic the act of hunting when they can. They’ll chase anything that moves (or doesn’t move, for that matter), but the string is especially good at provoking this instinct in cats. Even loving housecats will pounce on, bite at, and fling around a string, letting their inner selves come out to play.

Cats are natural climbers

Some cats love to scale heights, whether it be on counters, bookshelves, or even trees! Cats will often just launch themselves off the ground to catch something that’s just a few feet up high without any regard for their own safety.

The string is great for exercise.

Cats need exercise just as much as any other pet, but many of them lack the space or will to run around and get it done. Playing with toys keeps your kitty active and gives them a much-needed workout even if you can’t dedicate as much time to playing as they do.

Should I let my cat play with string?

However, no, playing with yarn is not a secure pastime for cats. If eaten, yarn, string, and ribbon might get wrapped around the intestine, causing potentially deadly consequences. If you notice your cat chewing or licking on the string, take it away immediately!

Should cats play with yarn?

No, no, no! String and yarn are not safe for cats to play with. They can easily get wrapped around intestinal walls and cause potentially deadly consequences. If you catch your cat chewing on a string, you must take the string away from them immediately!

Can cats play with twine?

No! twine is not a safe toy for cats to play with either. It can get wrapped around intestinal walls and cause serious problems. If you catch your cat chewing on twine, it is best to take the twine away from them immediately.

Why do cats like biting string?

Cats, being predators, love to play with things that closely resemble their prey. The string is a great way for cats to exercise their natural instincts to play with something they can pounce on and bite at. They’ll chase it over and over again until the string is frayed beyond recognition!

Is it safe for cats to play with string?

String toys might get wrapped around cat intestines if they eat any of them, leading to potentially life-threatening consequences. If you notice your pet chewing or licking on a string, take the toy away immediately.

Alternatives to string for cats

The best toy to let a cat play with will keep them occupied and give them exercise at the same time. Fish-shaped toys are perfect for these needs. They have a small plush portion with a fish-shaped body and a long, dangling tail. The combination of hard plastic eyes and soft fur makes them irresistible to cats. Just like string toys, fish toys also give your pet the satisfaction of catching what they’re playing with over and over again- another reason why cats love their fish!

Fish toys are very similar to their string counterparts, except for a few key differences. They require you to play with your cat to entice them into pouncing and batting at it. Also, the fish shape is much more durable than standard string or yarn toys- plus, they can’t get wrapped around anything stupid like an intestine!


Cats love to play with string, and it’s not just because they enjoy chasing things. A string is a great toy for cats that needs some activity without requiring much effort on their part, teething kittens who need something to chew on, or those who like to hunt but can’t catch anything outside.

Fish toys are an excellent alternative if your cat enjoys playing with string- you’ll get the same benefits of exercise and stimulation as before without any risk of injury! If all else fails, we recommend giving your kitty a flopping fish instead; they’re perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and will provide hours of entertainment regardless of where you go.

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