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Cats that stay small

October 12, 2021

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What cats breeds stay small? – is a question that might come to mind for people looking forward to adopting a new pet and thinking of getting a cat. Cat breeds remain small even when fully grown into adults, while others get larger than the usual size.

Cats were originally bred to be kept indoors or as family pets, remaining smaller than other types. On the other hand, some cats have stayed small because breeders over the years have continued to select the smallest ones in each generation, keeping them in one way or another from reproducing with larger cats.

The result is a line of small mature adults. We will look at some small cat breeds and how they compare when it comes to size.

Iriomote Cats

Iriomotecats, the smallest in the list of cat breeds by height, have an average shoulder height of 30 centimeters for males and 26 centimeters for females. Males weigh 2 kilograms at most, while females weigh 1 kilogram at most. But even with such small sizes, these cats can be fast and quick-witted because of their body structure.

Petite cat breeds do not require a lot of space. Usually, they adapt well to apartment living, which often appeals to many people who live in smaller areas or want a cat that will stay indoors without requiring a yard that needs to be maintained.

Singapura Cats

The Singapura is another very small breed with an average shoulder height of 25 centimeters for males and 23 centimeters for females. As their name suggests, these cats originate from Singapore. Still, they are now recognized by most cat associations all over the world.

The average weight of a Singapura cat is 1 kilogram for males and 0.8 kilograms for females.

Munchkin Cats

The Munchkin, as the name suggests, has short legs that seem disproportionate to their body size. They have an average shoulder height of 30 centimeters for males and 27 centimeters for females. The average weight is 2 kilograms shoulder height in Tonkinese cats is 26 centimeters in males and 24 centimeters in females. They are playful, active, and muscular.

Munchkin breed is genetic engineering. People only breed them for money and that they look “cute” because of their small legs. Please don’t buy them and worthy if you already have one – don’t reproduce them.

Do Munchkin cats stay small?

Munchkin cats will remain small in size, even in adulthood. Their bodies remain compact and lightweight, with an average weight of 2 kilograms for males and 1 kilogram for females.

How much does a Munchkin cat cost?

A kitten will cost about $1000 – $2000 USD depending on the breeders and the area where they are located.

Why did my cat stay small?

Aside from the specific cat breeds mentioned above, natural genetic mutations also make some cats smaller than their counterparts. This is usually a result of a gene mutation that prevents growth hormones from functioning normally.

Munchkin Cats, on average, stay small while some other breeds like the Norway cat and Devon Rex can become large in size.

What are the smallest cats?

The smallest cat breed is likely to be the Singapura, with Tonkinese and Iriomote close behind when it comes to weight.

The Norwegian forest cat and Devon Rex will also weigh less than average at maturity. The Munchkin will remain rather small even if it looks large compared with other cat breeds of similar size.

What are the biggest cats?

The largest cat breed by weight is likely to be the Maine Coon, which weighs about 6 times more than a Tonkinese or Iriomote and 5 times more than a Singapura. The Ragdoll will also get quite heavy, as will the Ragamuffin. The Norwegian forest cat can weigh up to 10 times more than a Singapura at the same age.


Many cat breeds stay small in size, but the Munchkin will remain rather small even if it looks large compared with other cat breeds of similar size. The Norwegian forest cat and Devon Rex can become quite large at maturity due to their weight.

Aside from these specific breeds, a natural genetic mutation also makes some cats smaller than others while some, like Maine Coon, become larger in size.

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