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Cat dig hole near a tree

Do Cats Dig Holes?

November 30, 2022

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Have you ever found your cat digging a hole in your garden? What do you think cats dig for? The little cats find many things, including digging a hole to satisfy their interests and needs. Keeping the garden looking beautiful and nice needs extra effort and time. 

The challenge is even more significant when your furry friend starts digging holes surrounding it. Cat owners may think or probably understand that cats generally dig to hide their poop in the litter box. But you should understand that this isn’t the only reason they dig. 

If your cats are domesticated or never engaged with other wild creatures, they still possess the instincts of wild creatures, such as digging. The digging holes by cats may be a sign of playing, hunting, and territorial behavior. It’s a fact that cat doesn’t burrow because they don’t like to live outside. 

Cat near tree

Valid Reasons Cats Dig Holes

The cats are usually happier to live inside rather than dig holes in the ground for living purposes. But they can still dig holes. As everyone knows, there is more than one reason your cat digs the hole. Some valid reasons cat dig holes are briefed below.

Territory Marking

It’s the first reason why your cat digs the hole. Even though cats are domesticated, they still possess the instinct of wild animals. They usually dig holes to mark their territory, also in the litter box. Cats will dig a hole to place their scent and leave their mark in that area, mainly in the food bowl area.

Sharpening Claws And Better Hunting

There are a few cats that dig holes to sharpen their claws. They use dirt and sharp stones to make their nails strong and sharp in shape. The claw is essential for hunting or provides protection from other animals. 

Everyone is familiar with cats’ hunting behavior because they hunt birds, mice, and some other small creatures. The sharpened cat’s claw is the better, and successfully they hunt small creatures. This is all possible by digging holes. 


Cats use digging holes for playing and amusement purposes too. But first, you must understand that cats love to play with the soil for fun or exercise. They also enjoy digging without caring about anything, such as what others will think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cat Digging Holes In The Litter Box?

Yes, cats dig holes in the litter box too. However, it isn’t true if you think they dig holes because they don’t like the litter box. The possible reason is that they are not comfortable with the type or size of a litter box. Also, if they dig furiously, it is because of stress and gastrointestinal illness.

Is It True That Cats Dig Holes For Hiding Food?

Yes, at times cats dig holes for hiding food. They do it not because of storing food for the future or using it later, but they do digging for hiding food because they are looking for something tastier than what they get regularly. Also, they generally dig around or inside a bowl of food to hide food.

How to Prevent Cat Digging Holes?

Digging a hole by a cat is a natural behavior; the cat’s parent must understand or remember it. If you punish your feline friend for digging holes, then it’s a high chance they neglect using the litter box or become distressed. For preventing digging holes owner must use a smelly spray and change the texture.

The Final Words

Cats dig holes in the garden and litter box as an instinct. They will continue to dig as long as they are comfortable and enjoying it. So if you’re facing problems with your cat, don’t worry; there is a way to solve it using different preventing digging holes methods.

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