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Do Cats Remember Faces

Do Cats Remember Faces?

December 27, 2022

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Have you ever looked at your cat and wondered how they look through its eyes? How do they see you? Cats are wonderful creatures, and they see humans quite differently. They have the feline view, and once you understand the cat, that will help in understanding your cat. 

For quite a long time, cats and their cognitive abilities may have received less attention than dogs. However, the mental process involves several things in knowing, learning, and understanding. From here, you will understand whether the cats remember faces or how they see their owner.

Do cats recognize their owner’s face?

Cute cat look on you

There have been several speculations on how well a cat recognizes faces. The University of Michigan has observed that cats can recognize their faces faster and more efficiently as compared to the supercomputer. Cats are the model or inspiration behind the intelligent computer at the university.

In the animal kingdom cats are among the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom. But the truth is cats can never recognize human faces. However, when it comes to the cat’s history with the humans dictates that they did not need to know the human faces. Some other studies, too, show that cats recognize humans by different hints other than faces.

The cat recognizes their owner in different ways, and those are mentioned below:

  • In 2005, Pennsylvania State University found both dogs and cats recognized the faces of the owner through picture cut-outs. Another indication is that cats behave differently around people when they show different expressions on their faces, such as happy or sad.
  • Cats can even recognize the voices of their owner. Through an experiment by the University of Tokyo, it has been found that cats would also show behavior changes such as ear or eye movements, tail, or similar voices.
  • Like other animals, cats also have a very acute sense of smell and can also recognize different people, animals, and their scents. You may have noticed that cat rubs their body against yours, but they actually try to transfer their scent to you. 
  • Cats are creatures with habits and can also recognize the routines of patterns that can benefit them. For example, they get aware of the person in the house and give them snacks, water, and food.

So, these were the ways the cats can recognize their owner at first sight of their faces, source, and even the smell of their owner!!

Can your cat recognize the emotion?

Cat enjoy owner

It has been shown in studies that cats are quite good at matching the visual and auditory information from both people and cats. Cats may even discriminate between unfamiliar and familiar humans and recognize human faces and voices.

People often say that cats do not care about human guardians and do not have any interest in their lives. Do you know that cats have the capacity to sense the mood of a person because a large part of the cat’s day is spent analyzing their environment. Emotional sensitivity does make sense when you consider the relationship with the cats. 

According to Oakland University research in Michigan, it has been studied that cats show empathy and are capable of recognizing and even perceiving human emotions, and they may even do something about that.  

Does your cat know that you love them?

Cat look on a side

Cats are registered for affection, and they may seek it out. Most cats may not display affection to strangers and will love their guardians. But if your cat is poorly socialized, it becomes difficult for them to develop a bond of trust. They may not show you affection the way a human does, but the main signs and behavior will indicate that the cat loves us:

  • Greet the person when they arrive home
  • Squint your eyes and pay attention to that
  • Putting when you pet them
  • Sleep beside you
  • Enjoy when they play with you
  • Kneads with the paws
  • Seek attention and may ask for it

If your cat is looking for these things, then that means they are revealing more affection towards their owner.

YouTube: Bemypet.global – How Cats Recognize Their Owners


How long can a cat remember the face of a person?

With a long-term memory span, cats can remember the face of a person for about ten years. Therefore, if you want to give an associative memory, it is crucial for you to share pleasant experiences with the cats and ensure that they remember you in a positive manner.

Can cats recognize the person?

Cats have short-term memory and are also known to recognize humans’ even if they have only one interaction.

Do cats respond when you call them by their name?

There is not much research on cat behavior as compared to dog behavior. However, they have demonstrated that cats do indeed listen to their names.


In conclusion, cats have both long-term and short-term memory and are able to recognize and respond to the faces and names of humans with whom they have had interactions. This demonstrates the intelligence and social skills of cats and highlights their ability to form strong bonds with their caregivers.

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