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Find Out Where Is The Best Place To Put A Cat Tree

February 23, 2022

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Cats like trees. Everyone knows this. But what many people don’t know is where the best place to put a cat tree actually is. Is it in the living room? The bedroom? The bathroom? You can be sure that your cat will love it wherever it is.

Lucky for you, I’m here to help! Keep reading to find out the answer.

Where should you put a cat tree?

Put it in a place where there is enough room for all of your cats to sit and sleep. If you only have one cat, this might not be an issue. But if you have several cats, space may quickly become scarce once everyone starts climbing around on the tree.

If you have your tree in the living room, you will probably want to place it somewhere near an entrance so that your cat can get to it quickly when they are being chased by another one of your cats. It is no fun when a cat is being chased around, so this should be avoided.

But what if your cat tree is in your bedroom? You don’t want your cats to jump on the bed when they chase each other, so if your bedroom is near your bed, you’ll probably want to find somewhere else for the cat tree.

If there isn’t enough room for a cat tree in any place, you will have to put it somewhere else. If this is the case, it is best to put your cat tree where you and other family members spend a lot of time keeping an eye on all of the crazy shenanigans that will take place around the cat tree.

In my opinion, though, it seems as if there would rarely ever be a need to choose a different spot for the cat tree because all of those places listed above are good options. They all work well and provide the benefits that a cat tree should.

Cat sitting on cat tree and look at you

Where should you put a cat tree if you have multiple cats?

If you have multiple cats, it is best to put the cat tree somewhere near an entrance so that your cats can easily get to their sleeping perches when they are being chased. If you have a small hallway or entryway between rooms, this is perfect for the cat tree!

Make it so that the cats can run to their cat tree and jump onto a high platform as quickly as possible because if they aren’t able to do this, they could get caught.

It’s also best if your cat tree for a few cats is not located in a small room, such as a bathroom or bedroom. You will have multiple cats chasing each other around, leading to injuries.

You probably don’t want your cat tree to be located in a room you rarely visit either, because then the space will not get used! It would serve a better purpose if it were in an area frequently visited or where multiple people spend their time.

If your cats are being inactive, it is best to put the cat tree in a room where people spend time because this will motivate your lazy feline to get up and use the cat tree.

Are cats go crazy for cat trees?

Why, you ask? Well, that’s easy. The answer is clear once you take a look in this article, but here’s a summary:

– Cat trees are tall and give cats a high vantage point to survey their kingdom. They’re also pretty sturdy, so if your cat likes to sprint as soon as they see another animal, a cat tree can provide a safe haven from other cats.

– Cat trees are made up of many scratching surfaces that kitties love to scratch on! If your cat likes to mark their territory by scratching the couch, then a cat tree might be a good place to use instead.

– Cat trees also come with a little house or two on top of them, and many cats love to sleep in small spaces like that!

Remember, though, to train your cat how to use it. Since they can’t climb up right away, be sure to put some toys on the lowest platform to encourage them to go up the tree.

How to get your cat to love their new tree

Now that you know where is the best place to put a cat tree, it’s time to train your cats! The easiest way is to bring the tree into your house and keep it covered until ready for use. When you take the cover off, your cats will be surprised and curious.

Most trees come with a little toy on the lowest platform, so put that out first! After your cat has had some time to get used to their new tree, they’ll start jumping up there on their own. But remember, you need to encourage them! Throw treats onto it or uses cat toys to entice them to use it.

Your cat might take a few days to get used to the tree, so be patient with them! They’ll love their new, tall resting place soon enough.

What if my cat won’t use their cat tree?

If your cat doesn’t use their cat tree, this could mean that they don’t know how or just need a little encouragement. Throw some treats or toys up there to try and get them to climb it. If this doesn’t work, you can also try putting their cat tree in an area where other animals spend time. Since cats are very social animals, they will be more likely to jump onto the tree if another animal uses it.

Do not punish your cat for not using the cat tree. If you punish your cats, they will learn to associate their time on the cat tree as a negative experience and avoid it together.

Cat waiting for food

Best locations for a cat tree:

– Near the entrance, so that your cat can easily jump onto it to escape another animal lurking nearby

– Near where people spend their time, motivate your cat to use it!

Worst locations for a cat tree:

– In a small room, such as a bathroom or bedroom, because that space won’t get used at all if it’s in there

– In an area that no one ever goes to, it stays clean and undamaged by other animals.

Can I put a cat tree outside?

If you live in a house and outside is an option, go for it! Some cats love their cat trees so much that they might prefer them over the indoors. Just bring the tree back inside when it starts getting cold or when wet weather strikes.

Is it cheaper to buy or make a cat tree?

It might be faster to make a cat tree, but it is definitely more expensive. Make sure that if you want to save time and money by making your own, you buy the materials at a store and not from your house! That will significantly drive up the price.

Is it cheaper to get a small or large cat tree?

If you don’t have too much space, get a smaller one. They’re usually cheaper and easier to put together. But if your house is big enough, try getting a larger model instead! It can be more expensive, but sometimes cats prefer the comfort of something bigger.

If you’re looking for the best cat tree, check out our buying guide for the 10 best cat trees. We’ll help you find the perfect one for your feline friend!


A cat tree is a great way to keep your cat entertained, happy, and healthy. The best place for it is somewhere that doesn’t get too much traffic or where the animals do not feel threatened by other pets in the house. They can be made from scratch but are more expensive if you do so.

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