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How Far Can Cats Travel?

December 8, 2022

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Do you wonder if cats can travel a long distance or not? If so, you are not the only cat parent who wonders. Generally, a cat chooses to stay at home rather than go out. However, when it’s time to move out or travel long distances, they prefer a car for transportation. But how far can they go?

Generally, a cat can travel as long as you want if you take short breaks every 2 to 3 hours without problems. However, short breaks are essential while traveling long distances along with cats to fulfill their needs by offering and providing them food, water, and enough time to use the litter box.

Of course, you should also be prepared for possible incidents with your pet during travel. With proper planning in advance, cats can travel long distances successfully. You should prepare yourself or your cat for a successful journey with your cat too.

Cat in the cat hidden
I watching you… Drive safe!

7 Tips To Successful Long Traveling With Your Cat

Cats always feel the joy to have around you, not strangers, and many people take to the idea of traveling with their cats by choosing to vacation together. However, this doesn’t come without its fair share of problems. 

The successful traveling tips will not only allow you to keep your pets safe, but you’ll also be able to enjoy yourself immensely. However, don’t forget your furry friend’s needs when traveling long, like extra food and water. Here are some tips that make it easier to travel long distances with your furry feline friend. 

1. Talk To Veterinarian

First of all, you should talk with your vet before you plan to travel with your cat. It’s a good idea to discuss the length of time and distance you will be gone and the types of things they will encounter. In addition, your vet can offer you some valuable information about the safety precautions required for your trip.

2. Get Suitable Transportation

There are several options for transportation for your cat, but in most cases, it is best to travel by car because airplanes, boats and trains have a lot of strangers that your cat might not want to be involved with. In addition, using a cat carrier can secure your cat from a potential accident.

3. Cat Carrier Is Essential

  • While traveling long distances with your cat, it is best to have your best size carrier for your cat.
  • Like a car, if you use an airline to travel, you must buy a special carrier for cats as required.
  • It is also important that you check the quality of the carrier to ensure maximum safety and comfort for your cat during travel.
  • A larger carrier has a lot of space that is enough to satisfy your furry feline friend’s basic needs, especially when you travel too far.
  • Make sure that cats know how to get into their carrier beforehand because most cats don’t like this idea initially.
Cat in cat carrier inside car
I want biggggger carrier

4. Fulfill Their Needs

Feeding your cat on time is essential when traveling long distances with it, especially if the trip takes longer than ten hours. The reason is to ensure that your cat doesn’t get hungry or thirsty while traveling. So provide your cat with sufficient food and water to help them bear long travel.

5. Use Portable Litter Box

While traveling, a litter box is one of the essential things for the cat you should carry. Carrying a portable cat’s litter box on the road trip with you is the best way to ensure that they feel comfortable and your cat doesn’t need to hold their pee or poop.

6. Take Short Breaks

Cats are naturally scared of movement, so it’s best to stay with your pet as much as possible during the journey. You need to provide short rest for your cat every three hours. Never leave your cat in a strange or inappropriate place when traveling long distances because cats might feel lonely and afraid.

Car want to get out of the car
What is outside? I saw a mouse!

7. Ensure Cat’s Comfort And Safety

Remember, throughout the whole traveling, the comfort and safety of a cat are essential. So provide your cat with a warm and comfortable outfit if the weather is cold. Make sure you can also provide your cat with any treats or food as needed.

While traveling long distances, it is not a smart idea to travel without extra safety gear for your cat and yourself, such as a supply of food, clothes for warmth, and an additional portable litter box. In addition, you have to do every essential thing, such as give them vaccination to prevent the risk of any certain disease while traveling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It True That Cats Don’t Like to Travel?

Yes, cats do not like to travel, especially with long travel. You must make your cat comfortable and secure before taking them on any long trip. However, some cats adopting a traveling environment are easy to handle.

Do Some Cats Hate Carriers While Traveling?

Some cats hate carriers because it’s a new idea for them, and they are unfamiliar with or have never tried it before. Because when they use it, they generally can’t move like they usually do in larger spaces. However, sometimes you should buy a bigger carrier to give them more space when traveling long distances.

Can Cats Get Sick While Traveling?

Yes, cats can easily get sick when traveling long distances. If your cat is completely unable to sleep because of spring or constant motion, it can get sick. You must buy an appropriate and big-size carrier for your cat that will help them use it safely to move and flex conveniently for them.


Long traveling with your cat can simultaneously be a fun and frustrating activity for you and your cat. There are many tips also you can use before you start to travel with your furry pet. You must know how to take care of them while traveling.

Taking care is essential for them to ensure your and your feline companion’s safety, security, and comfort. A cat can easily travel far if they feel its instincts and basic needs are fulfilled while traveling.

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