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How To Stop Cats From Climbing Curtains?

December 3, 2022

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Cats are instinctive to climb on various places, such as trees, curtains and walls. Brushing against curtains and other fabric or touching them with their paws is their way of inspecting things. It was a seemingly innocent and fun activity; they were just trying to get a little higher up near the window.

And also they maybe see what was on the other side of those curtains. So if your cat has started rubbing or climbing on curtains and looking out of the window, this may be how they express curiosity in the outside world.

When cats climb on curtains can be frustrating and challenging for the cat’s owner. So how do you stop cats from climbing curtains? First, it is important to know some ways to help prevent your cat from climbing the curtains in the future. Some reasons for climbing behavior and preventing them from climbing are briefed below.

Cat play with curtains
I like curtains 🙂

3 Main Reasons Cats Climb Curtains

Every cat owner agrees that the little kittens and cats are so playful and adorable. Their innocence, unusual behavior, curiosity, discovery, and energy bring so much enjoyment. But it’s out of control when your little cat behaves hyper.

Finding the solution to hyper behavior becomes easier if owners find the reasons behind the hyper behaviors. For example, climbing trees and curtains are usual behavior in your feline friends. Three justifiable reasons cats climb curtains are explained below.

1. Cats Love Climbing

Cats are experts in climbing, like lions and other animals. They use their extendable and sharp claws to grip the object while climbing. Also, cats love heights and places where they can feel safe. Therefore, one of the main reasons to climb curtains is to satisfy their climbing instinct.

Cat selfie
Let’s play

2. Exploring And Playing

Cats also climb as an activity to satisfy their curiosity and playing feel. They like to observe and explore new things. This is another reason for climbing curtains is to explore and play. It is their way to keep themselves away from boredom.

Cats love to play with various things, so they climb on objects like curtains. If once your kitten enjoys climbing curtains, then there is the possibility that they will adopt this as a habit or make it part of their fun regularly.

3. Seeking Attention

Attention-seeking behavior of cats is one of the most common reasons that drive them to climb curtains. Like humans, cats also like getting attention and loyalty from their owners. But to get this attention, they need to do something extraordinary. 

Some cat parents are busy, so they don’t play with their kittens or give them the attention cats want. The cat’s extraordinary behavior is how it communicates with its owner. Therefore, if cats want to capture the attention of humans, they climb curtains and seek attention.

How to stop cats from climbing curtains infographic

Top 4 Tips To Stop Your Cat From Climb Curtains

There are many, many different reasons why cats love to climb curtains. One of the most common is that they’re just being curious and playful, though others have been found to do it because cats like hiding in high places, such as the top of curtains.

Cats are quite fussy creatures, and they can’t resist the temptation to climb curtains. But, like most human behaviors, there is a solution to this problem. Some effective ways to prevent feline friends from climbing curtains are explained below.

  1. Spend Enough Time

    – Since cats love the company of their owner, try spending more time with your cat.
    – Spending enough time with your cat will make it easier to control behavioral instincts such as climbing.
    – Understandably, your little kitty friend can’t do such things that outdoor cats usually do.
    – To make a better understanding and relationship with cats, giving proper attention and importance to the cat is a must.

  2. Use Citrus Spray

    Citrus spray can effectively prevent cats from climbing curtains because they stay away from citrus scents. You may spray some citrus oil onto the curtains to discourage them from climbing your curtains. However, if you keep spraying citrus regularly, cats will get in a few days that the place is not ideal for them.

  3. Motion Detector Alarm

    A motion detector alarm is one of the best ways to stop your cat from climbing the curtains. It is a simple device that gets activated when there is a movement at the reach of curtains. The alarms are available in various unexpected and surprising noises.

    Everyone knows that the cat’s ear easily hears any stir, but when they hear something unexpected or unusual at a place, they don’t like staying there. And if your cats constantly try to climb or climb the curtain becomes their habit, then it’s time to stop them to avoid unwanted incidents by using a motion detector alarm.

  4. Train Your Cat

    If your cat’s climbing curtains are uncontrollable, then you can train your cat not to climb the curtains. There will be several ways of doing this; the simplest is by putting the cat on a cat tree or tower if you see them heading or near the curtains.

    When you provide your cat’s the suitable and best alternative, such as cat trees, they will avoid climbing curtains. Though keeping busy with climbing alternatives, they will get your points to not go near or climb curtains.

eHow, Janna Olsen, Veterinarian

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cat Climbing Trees Behavior Similar To Lions?

Yes, cats’ behavior of climbing trees is similar to lions. They both love high places, and it is their natural behavior. Cats and lions like to climb to the top of the tree from which they can see anything, any potential prey or dangers. Also, for enjoying the cool breeze or escaping the heat, both like climbing trees.

Are Cat Trees Help Preventing Cat’s Climbing Curtains?

Cat trees are a more suitable alternative where cats can safely climb and have fun. There is no other greater solution than a cat tree to prevent cats from climbing curtains. Cat trees are the better source to satisfy their natural climbing instinct. This way, cats didn’t harm the material or fabric of curtains.

Is Shorten The Size Of Curtains Stop Cat’s Climbing Activity?

Yes, curtains with short sizes will help the owner to stop their cat climbing activity on curtains. If there is enough space between the curtains and the floor, your cat will not easily or hardly climb the curtain. Also, if the cat can’t reach the fabric of the curtain in a couple of attempts, it might stop climbing.

Final Thought

Cats understand and manage the danger behind climbing curtains. But still, there is a major problem that occurs accidentally. But there are several ways that you can use to prevent your feline friends from climbing on curtains. Cat towers, trees, and other toys will help you eliminate cat behavior problems, such as climbing curtains in the house.

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