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cat pooping in house plants

Keep cats from pooping in house plants

November 9, 2021

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Cats are adorable, aren’t they? As a pet owner, you probably feel that the only thing better than one cat is two cats. Or maybe three. What do you do when it comes to adding a little kitty love to your home? We’ve discovered how popular multi-cat households can be among the feline population, but how do you deal with the aftermath? When your cats start to relieve themselves around your home, it can be a little unsettling. 

Why are cats pooping in your house plants?

To answer the question and help you with the problem of why your cats poop in your house planets, we need to understand why it happened?

Cats are great; we love the little furballs, and they make a sound living in our homes. But when your kitty starts using your houseplants as a litter box, it’s time to take action. Cats don’t typically make this choice by accident: most cats prefer soil and sand for their bathroom needs because of how soft they are on their sensitive paws. Cats also have a genuine interest in digging and covering up their waste, just as they would do outside your home if given a chance.

Why don’t cats poop in the litter box?

There are a couple of reasons why one or more of your cats may have stopped using its litter box, so instead, it’s using your potted plants as a bathroom. It could be because it’s too dirty, or you may not keep the box clean enough. If you have more than one cat in your home, things can get pretty smelly if they are sharing a litter box between them all.

What kind of house plants attract cats?

There are certain plants that cats have a liking for. Some plants attract cats because they are part of the plant’s natural habitat – for example, catnip is often found on the edge of fields and in scrubland, so your feline will be naturally drawn to it. Sometimes, houseplants may also contain chemicals that act as fertilizers to make them grow better – your cat’s sensitive nose will pick up on these.

Cat laying down near purple plant

What can you do to stop cats from pooping in house plants?

If your furry friend has found a new place for its bathroom, it probably won’t give it up without a little persuasion. After all, your kitty knows that this is the best solution for its needs.

There are a few things you can do to stop your cat from turning your plants into a litter box: try making the plant less attractive by masking its smell – some people have had success with this approach, so it’s certainly worth a try; add more litter boxes throughout your home and ensure that they’re always kept very clean; close the door to your bathroom when you’re not in there – if your kitty knows it’s off-limits, it’ll be less likely to trespass.

If you haven’t been successful with any of these methods, it’s time to contact your vet. Your cat may be suffering from a urinary tract infection or other medical condition, which means it can’t hold its urine for as long as usual. If you can rule out an underlying illness and the problem continues, you could try moving your cat’s litter box to the spots in which it has been pooping. If this doesn’t work, your kitty may be suffering from separation anxiety when you leave for work in the morning or before you go to bed at night.

Cats are very loving pets, and they certainly make great companions, but when it comes to their messes, it can be frustrating for pet parents who just want to keep their home clean.

The bottom line is that if your kitty has decided to change its toilet habits, you will need to take swift action to stop it from becoming a bad habit.

Is cat poop bad for house plants?

If you have house plants used as toilets by cats, you might be asking yourself if cat poop is bad for house plants. The answer to that question is yes, there are some negative side effects of having your flowers and shrubs turn into a bathroom for cats.

What about potted plants?

Also, yes, if your house plant is in a pot, the same rules apply.

The main thing to consider when you are thinking about if cat poop is bad for house plants is that you need to keep the waste away from the roots of your flower or shrub. If the waste gets too close, it can do some serious damage to your potted plant. It is important to ensure that the waste is removed from your plant daily or as close to that schedule as possible. You should also try not to water your house plant too much because this will wash away the waste before you can remove it.


Cats are often seen as adorable, playful animals who make great companions. They may also be the culprits of a mess in your home if they’re not happy with their litter box situation! This article has covered how to keep cats from pooping in house plants and which plants attract them most. Whether you have one cat or many, it’s important to take action before things get out of hand! If all else fails, contact your vet for help on getting everything sorted out.

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