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Why Do Cats Like To Sit On Paper

Paper & Cats – Why Do Cats Like To Sit On Paper?

December 25, 2022

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Paper is a good insulator and warmer than any other surface, so cats like to sit on paper. Pet cats always seek the attention of their owners, including those sitting in front of them. Moreover, a cat is an exciting and good jumper animal. They are mostly seen on the walls or the rooftop of the house.

Additionally, if a person leaves his room within a few minutes, he will find his cat sitting on his letter, newspaper, etc. If you have a cat, you will surely notice these things at home. There are several reasons for this behavior of cats.

Paper Is a Good Insulator

As I mentioned earlier, cats like paper because it is an excellent insulator that helps cats to stay in a hot temperature. It is because; most cats feel cold due to their thermo neutral zone. Cats have a higher thermo-neutral zone as compared to humans or other animals.

Moreover, a thermo-neutral zone is the range of temperature at which cats do not require spending their energy in order to stay warm. Furthermore, the average temperature of a cat’s body is 101.0 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. However, a human’s temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cats body temperature

Connection between paper and heat

As you all know, paper is formed with the help of trees with insulating properties. Moreover, newspaper-like papers are warm for cats, helping them in the reflection of their body heat. That’s why; the cat prefers to sleep on paper instead of lying on the floor.

Seeks Attention

It is the funniest thing cats do to get your attention. If you want to see the cat’s behavior, you should try these things. Cats are pretty intelligent animals; they can play or sleep on paper to capture their owner’s attention.

In addition to this, if you start lifting your pet just after sitting on a piece of paper, then cats can do these things more. It is because, when they know that they can get your attention just by sitting on a newspaper or on your letters, they start repeating it. The main reason for doing this is cats love attention and also love their owner. Apart from this, they also sleep beside you just to get attention.

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When a cat finds a new object in the house, they get attracted to it and this curious nature of cats makes them more attractive. A cat also checks the object and tries to take the smell of the object. They are curious about nature and sit beside or on the new object.

Marking Their Territory

When a person brings a book or a piece of paper to his home, his cat starts sniffing it, or she will lie on it for a few minutes. The main reason behind this is that cat smells the paper’s scent; as you all know, every paper has its own natural smell. Due to this reason, cats sniff the paper just for its smell.

Furthermore, most people don’t know that cats have scent glands in their foreheads, paws, etc.; when a cat secretes this scent on something, it becomes part of its territory. Taking that piece of paper from the cat makes them aggressive. So a person lets her enjoy her new territory.

Cats like the Products Which Create Noise

The wrinkled paper attracts cat because it creates noise and let the cats think about outdoor territory. Due to this, the cat likes to spend more time with the piece of paper. Apart from this, the crinkling sound triggers a hunting nature in the cat, and she starts running here and there in the house just to play.

Additionally, a person should remember that the cat does not swallow the paper. If your pet ingests a large piece of paper, it may suffer from the blockage of the food pipe.

They like the Small Space

As humans are becoming advanced and more intelligent in all sectors, similarly, cats also evolved over the years. Due to this reason, they love small and well-defined spaces because they are warmer than any other place in the home.

In addition to this, a person can also find his cat inside the cardboard box because it keeps them warm. Research is also conducted by scientists that cats can create an illusion that a box and a paper are the same. That’s why they also get attracted to the paper. So, when you see your pet curled up on a piece of paper, then remember that it gives your pet an imaginary sense of safety.

Childhood Memory

Cats also have the power of learning and reminding things and they can easily learn in their childhood phase.

  • If you train your kitten with a piece of newspaper, then it will help your pet to develop an interest in the paper.
  • It not only makes the cat happy, but she also feels safe with the paper.

In contrast, there are some researchers who raised questions related to this theory. Some of the cats do not get trained with newspapers in their childhood, but they are still familiar with the paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cats Good at Recognizing Their Owner’s Face?

Cats are pretty good at recognizing facial expressions. Apart from face, they also use various other things in order to identify their owner. These things are a person’s scent, his voice, etc.

Can Cats Cry or Laugh?

Cats also have tear ducts just like humans but a cat does not cry in sadness or to show her pain. The main reason for the crying of cats is to yowl. Apart from this, cats cannot laugh to show their happiness. They do other activities to show their happy behavior like sleeping beside their owner or sitting on paper etc.

Explain Emotional Behavior of Cats for Their Owners

Cats get emotionally attached with their owners just like dogs and babies do. They also have the sense of love and care towards their owner and he is more than a source of food for the cats. Lastly, a study shows that cats also feel safe and secure with their owners.


Sitting on paper is pretty comfortable for the cats; they will leave the soft bed or carpet just to sleep on the paper. Lastly, it also offers a sense of security to the cats. They can also play with the paper and also find some new objects at home.

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