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So soft and fluffy – why are cats so soft?

December 19, 2021

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One thing that makes cats so popular is their soft and fluffy coats. But why are cats so soft?

The answer lies in the structure of a cat’s coat. Cats have two layers of fur – outer and inner layers. The outer layer is made up of long, coarse hair, while the inner layer is short, soft hair.

The outer layer of hair helps protect cats from the elements, while the inner layer helps keep them warm. It also gives their coats a soft and fluffy appearance.

Some breeds of cats, such as the Selkirk Rex, have extra-soft coats. Others, such as the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex, have curly coats that are also quite soft.

Some cats will also naturally have a fluffier coat than others. When you adopt a new cat or kitten, you should check whether his coat is smooth or fluffy.

Why are cats so soft and silky?

Cat coats are not the only thing that is soft and silky. The skin underneath their fur is also soft and smooth. Cats have a layer of fat called a pelt, which helps keep them warm.

The combination of a soft coat and smooth skin makes cats feel silkier than other animals.

Does soft fur mean my cat is healthy?

Yes. It does! Soft and fluffy coats are a sign that your cat is healthy.

Cats use their fur to clean themselves, and if their fur isn’t silky smooth, it could mean they have an infection or skin problem such as eczema. You should take your cat to the vet if the underneath of his coat starts looking dry and dull.

If your cat coat becomes coarse and patchy – you must visit your vet. This could mean he has a skin problem, such as a skin allergy or a skin infection. It could even be a sign that there is something wrong with his nervous system.

Is kitten fur softer than cat fur?

Yes. Kitten fur is usually softer than adult cat fur. This is because kitten fur is finer and less dense. It also contains less of the protective outer layer of hair.

As cats grow older, their coats become thicker and more resistant to the elements. The inner layer of hair also becomes longer and coarser.

Why is my cat so fluffy?

Some cats are just naturally fluffier than others. It’s also possible that your cat has a lot of undercoats, which is the soft, downy hair that lies underneath the outer layer of hair.

If your cat is fluffy, it’s important to keep him groomed. Regular grooming will help keep his coat clean and free of mats.

Regular grooming will also spread the natural oils through your cat’s coat, which will help keep it soft and silky to the touch.

You should also brush your cat regularly with a steel comb or brush designed for cats. This will help stimulate his skin, reduce dandruff and remove excess fur. Always groom your cat in the direction of the hair growth to avoid causing skin irritation.

Do cats get fluffy when happy?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that cats get fluffy when happy. However, it’s a popular belief that they do.

When cats are happy and content, they may start to groom themselves more vigorously than usual. This could lead to their coats appearing fluffier than normal.

Way to make your cat more soft and fluffy

There are several ways to make cat coats more soft and fluffy. One is to brush them regularly with a good quality brush or comb. This will help distribute the natural oils through their fur and keep it soft and shiny.

Another way is to give them a good bath. Be sure to use a cat-specific shampoo, as human shampoo can be harsh on their delicate skin. Rinse your cat thoroughly and make sure to towel dry him well – don’t rub.

Another way to make your cat’s coat softer is to feed him a healthy, premium diet. This will keep his skin and coat in top condition. You should also talk to your vet about supplements that can help improve the health of your cat’s skin and haircoat.

Tips for keeping your cat soft

Some tips for keeping your cat’s coat soft and fluffy include:

– Brushing him regularly with a good quality brush or comb

– Bathing him using a cat-specific shampoo

– Towel drying him well, without rubbing

– Feeding him a healthy, premium diet

– Discussing supplements with your vet that can improve the health of your cat’s skin and haircoat.


Cats are soft and fluffy for various reasons – from their coats to the oils in their fur. Regular brushing, baths, or grooming can help keep your cat’s coat silky and soft.

You should also consider discussing supplements with your vet that will improve the health of his skin and hair coat and provide him with a healthy diet.

What tips do you use when trying to keep your cat’s coat super soft?

Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson
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