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Why do cats bring you their kittens?

Why do cats bring you their kittens?

September 16, 2023

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When it comes to the fascinating world of feline behavior, one particular action often stirs curiosity and intrigue among pet owners: the act of a mother cat bringing her kittens to her human caretaker. This behavior may seem perplexing, even mysterious, but it’s rooted in a combination of instinctual drives, trust, and survival strategies that have evolved over thousands of years. To fully understand why cats bring you their kittens, we need to delve into the biological and behavioral factors at play.

Understanding Feline Maternal Instincts

Why do cats bring you their kittens?

Just like many other mammals, cats possess strong maternal instincts. After giving birth, mother cats – known as queens – become fiercely protective of their offspring. They dedicate themselves to nurturing and safeguarding their kittens until they’re capable of fending for themselves.

However, despite these strong protective instincts, a mother cat may still decide to move her kittens. This is typically done to keep them safe from perceived threats or when she identifies a more secure location. In this case, if she trusts her human caretaker deeply enough, she might choose to bring her kittens to them.

A Sign of Trust

According to Dr. John Bradshaw, a renowned cat behavior expert and author of “Cat Sense,” when your cat brings you her kittens, it’s a significant sign of trust. She views you as an ally in the protection and care of her young ones. It’s essentially the highest compliment a feline can give!

The Influence of Domestication on Cat Behavior

Over thousands of years of domestication, cats have developed certain behaviors that are distinct from their wild counterparts. One such behavior is their inclination to seek human assistance when it comes to caring for their kittens.

This is not something you’d typically observe in wild feline species. In their natural habitats, mother cats would go to great lengths to hide their kittens from potential predators, including humans. However, domestic cats have formed a unique bond with humans over generations, leading to this interesting behavioral shift.

How to Respond When Your Cat Brings You Her Kittens

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s essential to respond appropriately. Remember, your cat has trusted you with her most precious treasures. Here are some tips:

  • Never punish your cat for this behavior. She’s acting out of instinct and trust.

  • Provide a comfortable and safe space for the cat family. This could be a cozy box or a special cat bed in a quiet corner of your home.

  • Minimize handling of the kittens, especially in the first few weeks. Too much human interaction can stress both the kittens and the mother cat.


In conclusion, when your cat brings you her kittens, she’s not only showing her deep trust in you but also expressing a behavior that’s been shaped by thousands of years of domestication. It’s an honor and a responsibility that should be taken seriously. By understanding and respecting these complex feline behaviors, we can strengthen our bond with our furry friends and ensure their well-being – and that of their adorable little ones.

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