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Why Do Cats Flop [It Will Surprise You]

January 12, 2022

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If you’re like most people, the first time you saw your cat flop down on its side, you were probably pretty surprised. Why does a creature usually so graceful and sleek suddenly turn into a big blob? As it turns out, there are actually several reasons why cats flop. Keep reading to find out what they are!

So, why do cats flop?

If your cat feels comfortable with you, the flop is the ultimate sign of trust. Your cat’s weight will be supported by either their side or back while they look up at you out of half-open eyes. This signals that your kitty has put all their faith in you to take care of them, which is an amazing feeling.

But if your cat’s flop doesn’t seem to come from a position of trust, it may be since cats are just weird. Cats’ bodies are not shaped like ours, so they don’t really know how their bodies work because they’ve never felt like they had one. This may be why cats flop when they get on their back or on their side; it’s just a natural position for them, and it feels good.

Cats also flop because this is simply the most comfortable way to lie down. It reminds us of how we would lie on our bellies as kids to watch TV, except that cats can do it all the time because they’re awesome.

Cats also flop when they are playing with their toys. Cats can use their paws to bat at toys or other things, and they will often get in a bit of a boxing match with themselves before getting comfy. If your cat plays with its paws a lot, it might be a sign of aggression, so you should stay away from this cat.

What does it mean when your cat flops down?

Cats have a special way of being comfy when they need to be, which means that there really isn’t any specific meaning behind a cat’s flop. Your kitty will do it whenever they feel most comfortable, and that’s the only reason you need it!

Cats flop in front of you

Cats flop on their side because it’s comfortable to them and because they trust you. And cats lie down any which way because that’s just how they roll.

Cats flop over when they feel safe

That’s why they’ll lie on their back or side with their belly facing upwards. It’s the ultimate sign of trust; your cats will let you pet them without worrying that you might hurt them. You know that your kitty feels comfortable around you when they flop over like this!

Why do cats flop on the floor when you pet them?

This is actually one of the most common types of finding that cats do when they’re feeling happy and comfortable. Cats often like to rub their heads on things (like your legs) as a way of showing affection but flop down as a type of self-rewarding behavior. Cats may also lie down in this position to keep petting consistent. If you have a pet cat that loves being petted, this type of behavior is most likely why!

Why do cats roll on your feet?

Cats will roll on your feet because it’s more comfortable for them. They’ll also do this as a way of showing affection, so it’s basically just another type of “hello!”

Two kittens playing

Cats flop over when you put clothes on them?

Some cats might just wear their clothes without any problem, but others might not like clothes – they might just stop and freeze or start a fight. If your cat doesn’t like clothes, you might notice that they become extra affectionate when you take them off.

Some people believe that cats flop over when you put clothes on them because they’re trying to show their submission. Others believe that cats do this because they feel more comfortable being petted. They like the sensation of being covered up. Still, others believe that cats flop because they’re trying to get closer to you and see you as their provider. There is no one correct answer to this question; likely, your cat flops over for various reasons!

Cats will roll over when playing with you

They do this to make it easier for them to swat at you with their paws. Cats will sometimes bring a toy over to show affection, and they’ll use this type of behavior as a way of playing or batting at something that’s moving around. If your cat is rolling over on the floor when they see you or wants to play, this is most likely the reason why.

Cat laying on the back outside


The article concludes with a list of potential reasons cats might flop over. Still, the important takeaway is that your cat will do this when feeling comfortable.

It’s often seen as an act of submission or affection, so it could be anything from wanting to get petted more to show their trust in you.

The next time you notice your kitty lying on its side or back while looking at you, take some time to think about what behavior they may want from you! If all this talk has affected how much love and attention you give your own feline friend.

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