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Why do cats hide their toys?

November 8, 2021

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Cats are notorious for hiding their toys all around the house, but what is behind this strange behavior? Cats are hunters by nature-they have spent generations of evolution perfecting their hunting skills.

Hiding their prey from other predators or scavengers ensures they will enjoy a fresh meal when they’re ready to eat! It is also speculated that cats use this behavior to play with humans.

They learn that if they hide something under the couch cushion or on the kitchen counter, you’ll give them some attention when you find it. This can be seen as a form of training for them to get more attention from you. Besides having fun playing with their favorite human, there are other reasons why your cat may be hiding their toys.

Do cats like to hide things?

Like humans, cats like to keep some things private. For example, cats will often hide urine and feces to avoid attracting attention from predators. They may choose a hiding spot that they can easily escape if they feel threatened by another animal or human. Sometimes, cats may even do this when they’re feeling stressed.

Most common cat hiding toys locations

As I wrote above, cats like to hide their toys in their private spots. If your cat is regularly hiding its toys, you can look for them in these places:

Under the bed and in closets: Cats like to be surrounded by darkness when they sleep and will often retreat to dark spaces when they’re stressed or feeling threatened. By making their favorite toys scarce, your cat will feel more comfortable and may even decide to hide there at night!

Inside shoes and laundry baskets: When your cat is feeling threatened, it may try to hide next to something that smells familiar, like you. If you’re wearing clean laundry or you just took off your shoes, your cat may think that they’ve found the perfect hiding spot.

Inside the couch cushions: No matter how hard you vacuum or how often you wash your sheets, there will always be some dust and dirt in your house. Cats love to curl up on soft surfaces like couches and laundry baskets, so these spots are like kitty heaven to them.

Bathroom cabinets or fridge: Cats love to eat, and they know that the kitchen is filled with delicious food. If you leave your cat unsupervised for even a few minutes, it will quickly find its way into the kitchen and look for something tasty. If your cat thinks that food is stashed somewhere in the house, like the fridge or bathroom cabinets, it may choose that as a hiding spot as well!

Did you know? Most cats will even hide their favorite cat toys. This can be frustrating to humans because we want to play with our pets, but cats don’t always understand this and feel threatened by your advances instead – this is why they hide their toys!

So how can you stop your cat from hiding its toys?

If your cat decides to hide their favorite toy, the best thing to do is leave it. Cats want your attention and will often come back after a few hours when they’re ready for playtime again. Unless the cat’s toy has an important part, like an electronic sensor or a battery, you shouldn’t worry too much about your cat’s hiding behavior. You can also leave treats around the house for them to find, but never force your cat to give up its personal items!

But, Is it normal for cats to hide things?

Yes, it is normal for cats to hide their favorite toys and other important items. Still, if you notice your cat doing this more than usual, that could be a sign of an underlying problem.

If your cat sleeps in its hiding spot, then the issue is most likely stress-related. If it seems like they’re hiding all day long without any break, then they may be sick. During these times, it’s best to leave your cat alone and make sure that it has access to food, water, and its litter box.

Suppose you notice an increase in hiding behavior around mealtime or after another cat has been in your home. In that case, your pet may not feel safe sharing its space with others. If this is the case, you should set up a space in your home just for your cat so that they feel more comfortable and safe.

You can also take your cat to a veterinarian to get it checked out. Sometimes a simple medical procedure is all a stressed-out pet needs!

Three cheap cats toy that can get lost in your house

A lot of cat toys are expensive. Other people might not want to buy them for their cats. So I found some cheaper and easy to find because your cat might hide them in the house.

Mibote 28 Pcs Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assorted

These toys are perfect for keeping your cat busy. They’re made from safe, non-toxic materials and will stimulate most of your cat’s hunting instincts.

You can use these toys to help keep your cats healthy and fit! Cats love playing with them because they’re so fun and engaging. And if that wasn’t enough, they also come in a storage bag so you can easily take them on the go with you!

AILUKI – 29 PCS Cat Toys Kitten Toys

If so, then you know how much they love to play! They need to get enough exercise and entertainment in their day. That’s why we created this 29 piece set of toys that will keep your kitty entertained all day long. They come in various shapes and sizes so your cat won’t get bored with the same toy every time. Plus, they are made from safe materials that are non-toxic and friendly to the environment too!

With these balls or teaser wands, you can encourage healthy activity through batting, kicking, and pouncing fun. Give your cat a way to release his energy with this combo pack of entertaining toys today! Your cats will thank you later when he has more energy than ever before.

Vitscan – Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

You’re a good pet parent, but you don’t have time to play with your cat all day long. And that means they get bored – which can lead to destructive behavior like scratching up furniture or peeing outside the litter box. But there is hope! With Vitscan Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, you can give them something fun to do while keeping your home intact. Each toy has its own unique sound and shape, so cats will never get tired of playing with them over and over again! Plus, each one contains organic catnip that will keep them coming back for more every time!

It doesn’t matter how old or young your kitty is – these toys are perfect for any feline friend in your life because they come in sets of 12 different types of plush animals! They make great gifts too because everyone loves their pets (and what better way to show someone you care than by giving them an awesome gift?). So whether it’s a birthday party or just another ordinary day – pick up some Vitscan Cat Toys today and watch as their natural instincts kick into high gear! Your furry friends will be happy campers after this purchase – guaranteed.

Bonus! Rimobul – Cat’s Chase Glitter Ball Toy For Big Cats

Cats love to play, and they’re always looking for something new. That’s why we created this toy! It has 20 bright balls that your kitty will enjoy chasing around the house. You can also use it as DIY craft supplies or party decorations! This is the perfect gift for any cat lover in your life.

Suppose you want to give full play to your imagination. In that case, it’s also ideal for DIY craft and art supplies, home party decorations. Your cats will enjoy hours of healthy play and exercise, so you do not have to worry about them chewing on furniture or shoes when they are bored. And don’t forget – these toys are made with a high-quality plush material that is lightweight, colorfast polypropylene, and super soft! 

Frequently asked questions

Why do cats take things and hide them?

There are a few reasons why cats do this. One reason is that it’s a natural hunting instinct- when a cat catches prey, they often drag it to a hiding place to eat in peace. Another reason is that cats like to control their environment, and hiding things away gives them a sense of power. Finally, some cats simply enjoy playing with their toys in a new way. Regardless of why your cat is hiding their toys, it’s important to remember that this behavior is normal and healthy!

Why do cats bury their toys?

Cats bury their toys for a variety of reasons. Some cats do it out of instinct- as mentioned above, this is similar to how they would hide prey in the wild. For other cats, burying toys is simply a matter of enjoying the new way of playing with them and getting some exercise at the same time. And finally, some cats may do it to keep their toys clean and in good condition. Whatever the reason, this behavior is perfectly natural for cats!

Do all cats hide their toys?

No, not all cats hide their toys. This behavior is more common in some cats than others, and there isn’t always a clear reason why. If your cat doesn’t hide their toys, don’t worry- there is nothing wrong with them!

Why do cats hide their toys in the bed?

There could be a few reasons why your cat hides her toys in your bed. One reason may be that she simply enjoys the sensation of playing with her toys in a new and different way.


Cats will typically hide their toys. This phenomenon is related to cats hunting skills, and they want to preserve the toy as a prize for catching prey. Cats love playing with these low-cost, high-quality cat toys because of how stimulating and engaging they are! The Vitscan Cat Toys come in 12 different types of plush animals that make great gifts too!

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