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Why Do Cats Like Bathtubs?

December 1, 2022

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Cats love to do unusual and strange things, such as liking bathtubs or enjoying spending time in the bathtub. But, you may wonder, why do cats like bathtubs? And are not sure why they seem to enjoy the bathtub so much.

There are many valid reasons why your feline friend might love being near or in the bathtub. Some cats might like being near water because they find it relaxing, and others may enjoy being in the bathtub. For example, when your feline friend doesn’t feel well, they sit in the bathtub.

If you notice your fluffy friend spends most of the time in bathtubs than usual, then it’s the right time to visit the veterinarian. Because older cats suffer from kidney problems is the most common cause of dehydration problems in cats. That is why the cats are attracted suddenly toward or fall in love with the bathtubs. Some of the valid reasons why cats like bathtubs are explained below.

Cat in a bath washed by owner

Due To Sickness

It is usually noticed that the cats that suffer from a certain sickness and health problem love to sit or spend time in the bathtub rather than sit in another place. This is because napping in bathtubs can help in reducing pain caused due to sickness and other medical problems.

Also, they feel safe and sleep quietly in the bathtub. It’s just to visit a vet if you constantly find your pretty cat near or in the bathtub due to illness. Also, they feel good when they are around a cool surface.

Cat Feels Unsafe

In other cases, your cat might be frightened and feel unsafe at home. The bathtub is the only place where they can feel relaxed and safer from other animals. Cats may think the bathtub is a good place to hide or be safe from danger.

Because the bathtubs generally come in huge boxes, and many cats like boxes. Also, in search of a quiet and safe place, they reach the bathtub and the quietness and safer feeling provided by the bathtub.

Cat hide in a bathtub

Due To High Temperature

  • In summer, sometimes, their body temperature increases due to the heat of the summer season.
  • Just like human beings, they feel uncomfortable in hot temperature.
  • So they cannot bear that, so they need cool water to cool down and relax.
  • Also, they need the coolest surface to survive on hot summer days, and the bathtub provides the coolest surface.

Because Of Thirst

The cat might drink more water in the summer season. Because of more heat, their body feels dehydrated, and they need to drink a lot of water to satisfy their thirst. Then they feel thirsty on hot summer days, because of which they easily get attracted to the bathtub. 

Because cats are small animals, they also need tap water to drink and hydrate their bodies in the summer. Your cat may see the bathtub as a source of water. After taking a shower or finishing bathing, cats make a habit of licking the water inside the bathtub.

Cats Feel Comfortable And Safe Inside Bathtub

A bathtub is a good place for cats to feel comfortable or relaxed without feeling unsafe. Leaving your cat alone in the room without any playmate will make it uncomfortable and easily boring. So to find comfort and security, cats love to stay inside the bathtub.

Need Warmth In Cold Weather

The bathtub helps them feel warm enough on cold winter days and keeps them safe from cold weather. If you have a cat, you probably notice that your cat is sitting in the bathtub just after you come out of hot bath. This is because cats love the hotness that the bathtub provides. 

Cats love warmth; your fluffy friend likes staying around warm objects such as a running dishwasher. This is also normal behaviour in cats that sleep near the kitchen counter as it provides the warmth they want. So the next time you see your cats inside the bathtub, you should understand that they need warmth.

Washing cat in a bath

For Seeking Attention

Your cat might love getting attention. Unfortunately, cats feel insecure and can do abnormal things to get the owner’s attention. When they are not being loved or cared for by others, the bathtub provides a way to show that they need love by meowing inside the bathtub.

In Search For Fresh Water

Your cats meow and behave irritatingly when they don’t get fresh water. The bathtub is the perfect place to get fresh and clean water. Cats want that fresh water so much; this is why they like to stay near the bathtub. 

If they intake more water a day than usual, it might be a sign or cause of diabetes and kidney disease. So ensure contact with your veterinarian as quickly as possible to discover the symptoms of health issues. So in search of fresh water, your feline friend is commonly found in the bathtub.  

Smooth Feel 

The smooth surface of the bathtub makes it enjoyable for the cats. The texture of the bathtub provides the owner soft and cosy feeling, so the same is with cats. You normally see interesting and funny videos on social media where the cats are sliding and spinning around the bathtub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It True That Some Cats Love Water And Some Don’t?

Yes, some cats indeed love water, but not all cats do. Many breeds of cats worldwide do not love water, and some do. Some cat breeds like water are Sphynx, Maine coon, Siamese etc. Other cat breeds like lynx, bobcats and snow leopards don’t like water.

Is It Okay That Your Feline Friends Like A Bathtub?

Yes, it is okay. It is normal for some cats to love water and stay in the bathtub. This is one of the reasons why cats love bathtubs. It provides them comfort and safety because they feel secure around the bathtub. The cats like being around in the cozy space of the bathtub.

What Is The Reason Your Cat Sleeps Inside The Bathtub?

There are many reasons of your cat sleep inside the bathtub. One of the main reasons is that your cat feels unwell. Another reason is that they feel safe and comfortable in the bathtub. Finally, to avoid the attraction of predators when cats suffer from any illness, they find the less common area.

Final Words

If they get attracted to the bathtub, it is normal behavior, and there is nothing to worry about. This is quite normal; they do that because they feel secure and comfortable in the cozy space of a bathtub. Also, you should visit your vet if you notice some abnormal behavior of your cat inside the bathtub.

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