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Why Do Cats Like Blankets?

December 25, 2021

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There are a few reasons why cats like blankets:

  1. Cats like to feel secure and safe, and wrapping themselves up in a blanket makes them feel snug and protected.
  2. Cats like the feeling of warmth that blankets provide and often like to snuggle up close to them when they’re cold.
  3. Some cats enjoy the tactile sensation of rubbing their faces against the soft fabric.

Why is my cat obsessed with my blanket?

Cats are territorial animals, and they often mark their territory by rubbing against it. This is why your cat may rub up against you, your belongings, and even your face! When your cat rubs and lays on top of a blanket, it’s marking the blanket as part of its territory.

What will my cat do if she can’t find her lovely blanket?

If your cat misses her blanket, she may become very agitated and uncomfortable. This is because a cat’s blanket provides the perfect place for a nap or a snooze! If your cat can’t find her blankets, it may be worth investing in another one, so she always has somewhere comfortable to rest.

Why does my cat have to have her blanket with her at all times?

There are a few reasons why your cat may always want her blanket with her. Firstly, as mentioned above, a cat’s blanket provides the perfect place for a nap or snooze. They like having them nearby to curl up comfortably whenever they please. Secondly, some cats like to carry their blanket around wherever they go. This is often because they treat their blankets as comfort objects. Having one close by makes them feel safe and secure, especially when traveling or exploring new areas.

What blanket material types do cats like the most?

Some cats like having a blanket made out of soft cotton, while others prefer the feeling of silk against their coat. Try and experiment with different fabrics to see what your cat prefers! If your kitty doesn’t seem too keen, it’s unlikely that she will be interested.

Fluffy blankets

Some cats prefer to sleep on soft and fluffy blankets, while others like a more flat, firm blanket. If you’re looking for a new blanket for your cat, it’s best to pick up two or three different types of the blanket and allow them to choose which they’d prefer. This way, every cat is happy!

Warm blankets

Some cats prefer warm blankets, while others like their blanket to be cool. If your cat likes warmth, it’s best to place the blanket near a radiator so it keeps them feeling cozy and comfortable. Some cats also like to sleep on heated tiles or surfaces that provide heat.

Do cats like being covered by blankets?

Some cats do enjoy being covered by blankets to feel safe and secure, but others aren’t so keen. If you’re thinking of covering your cat up with a blanket, it’s best to hold the corner of the blanket in your hand, dangle it over them for a few seconds and see how they react. If they seem agitated or uncomfortable, it’s best to stop covering them up!

Why does my cat like to sleep under the blanket?

Many cats enjoy sleeping underneath blankets because they find the feeling of being beneath them comforting. To your cat, it may feel like they’re enclosed in their own little den, which they find comforting and relaxing.

Why does my cat purr on my blanket?

When a cat is purring, they’re often expressing happiness and contentment. Cats may be purring on your blanket because they feel safe and comfortable around it! If your cat is lying on your lap or sits next to you with their head resting on the edge of your seat, they could just simply be telling you how much they enjoy being around you.

If your cat is purring on top of your blanket, it may be because they’ve marked it with their scent glands or because they’re simply happy to be around it. If the blanket has a particularly pleasing smell, this could also encourage purring behaviors!

Why does my cat sleep under the blanket but not on top of it?

If your cat sleeps underneath blankets, this could be because they prefer the feeling of being in enclosed spaces. Some cats also find that being under a blanket helps protect them from noises and anything else they may feel nervous about.

Why does my cat attack her blanket?

Your cat may attack her blanket for one of two reasons. Firstly, some cats are dominant animals, meaning they enjoy asserting their authority over certain things in their environment. If your cat is attacking her blanket, this could be because she’s taking out her aggression on it, especially if she doesn’t have any other objects around to attack! Secondly, you may notice your cat attacking her blanket when she’s playing. This is because biting and pulling at it can create a game to play with you!


Cats are notoriously curious creatures, and they may find themselves drawn to blankets for many of the same reasons humans do.

Whether it’s because they’re looking for a warm place to sleep or enjoy being close to soft textures, there are plenty of reasons why cats might be attracted to blankets! If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get your cat into their bed at night, try covering them with a blanket before tucking them in.

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