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Why Do Cats Like Closets?

December 27, 2021

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Cats like closets and boxes because closets and boxes offer security and privacy. They like them because they keep them safe away from predators while they sleep or hide when the owner comes home. we’ll get into that later – and a closet door is perfect for this. When you have a cat, it’s the little things in life you have to get used to.

Because of their natural instincts and characteristics, cats are likely to jump into a closet when they feel threatened or scared. They might also try to claw at your clothes, so it’s probably best not to let them close-range access to your wardrobe. This behavior might lead you to consider declawing your cat, but it’s a dangerous and ethically objectionable procedure.

Why do cats feel safe up high?

Cats like to be up high because it helps them see their territory. In addition, they know if they’re higher off the ground and on a secure cat tree, they can defend themselves more easily from predatory attacks. Cats might also want to climb into a closet or high shelf because they’re seeking shelter from noise or commotion. In addition, if your cat is feeling anxious about his current living situation, he might feel more secure being in a place where he can peer over the horizon and see what’s going on around him.

Why does my cat keep meowing at my closet?

Your cat is either trying to tell you something or is just being a cat. If your cat stares at your closet with his tail twitching, he’s probably upset about something in the area. He might be mad because the house is too dry, there’s not enough food in his bowl, or someone has moved his favorite scratching post. When a cat meows at a closet, it might be because he sees something in there that interests him, like a jacket or piece of clothing you have lying on the ground.

If your door is closed and your cat is making a stew, you should determine why before opening the door. If nothing’s there and all of his needs are met, he might be protesting you closing the door in his face. In this case, you should open the door and let him go into the closet whenever he wants to.

Why do cats like to sleep in closets?

Cats love boxes because they can hide in them and feel safe. There’s a reason why cats are so often portrayed in cardboard boxes—they love the stuff! A closet door is very similar to a box, so cats are likely to sleep there, too. Once your cat gets used to sleeping in a certain place, it’s easy for him to get fixated on that one spot and keep coming back for more rest.

If you’re hoping to train your cat to sleep somewhere else, it’s a good idea to place his bed or blanket in a different house area. When he falls asleep there, take his favorite couch cushion or pillow and put it where you want him to sleep at night. Start doing this every night until your cat gets the hint that he should be sleeping in that spot all the time.

Why is my cat suddenly hiding in the closet?

If your cat has never liked closets, but all of a sudden, he’s started hiding in yours, his behavior is changing. Cats like to be alone when they expel their anal glands, so if there’s something wrong with your cat or he’s not feeling well, closet time might increase for him. When it comes to medical conditions, in the first place, you should look if your cat’s hiding in the litter box. If he’s not using it, there might be something wrong with him physically or behaviorally, so take him to the vet to figure out what the problem is.

Some cats start hiding in closets when their owner comes home because they don’t know how to react after being alone all day. If you’re spending a lot of time away from the house, your cat might feel anxiety when you come home. He could also be upset that he didn’t get attention during the day, so it’s best to avoid that situation if you know what might be upsetting him.

Why does my cat sit in my closet?

There are several reasons why your cat could be sitting inside your closet. If he’s staring at the closet with his tail twitching, he might be upset about something in there. Your cat might also be hiding inside your closet because he feels anxious or is preparing to attack. If you leave the door open and your cat goes into the closet by himself, something likely frightens him outside. Closing the door might make your cat feel better and stop him from hiding.


Cats are very curious and love to explore. They might feel more comfortable in a large enough space where they don’t have to worry about being attacked by another animal. Some cats also prefer sleeping in small spaces because it makes them feel safe, so your closet might be the perfect spot for your cat.

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