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Why do cats like fish so much?

November 24, 2021

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It’s no secret that cats love fish. They’ll eat it, they’ll chase it, and sometimes they even jump into the water to get their treat! But why do cats like fish so much?

The question has stumped scientists for years. Some people think that cats might have evolved from wolves, which are natural hunters. Others believe that the craving is related to a cat’s natural instinct to hunt prey.

Whatever the reason may be, though, one thing is certain: Fish will always be on the menu at home if you have a cat!

Why are cats obsessed with fish?

There are a few theories out there about why cats love fish so much. 

Some experts think that cats’ ancient hunting days have something to do with it. Cats preferred to hunt animals like birds and lizards, backed up by their preference for rats and mice.

Another theory says it’s because cats share 98.6% of their DNA with tigers, which are natural hunters. This could be because cats have evolved to hunt for fish, or it could just be all that swimming they do!

But since no one knows for sure how the craving started, we’re free to come up with our own theories at home!

Making a splash

Although cats will chase a toy or a ball, some researchers believe that they’re actually on the prowl for prey when they’re swimming in your tub. We all know how great cats are at jumping and making a splash, but maybe this is their secret hunting tactic! And while you might not see your cat jumping out of the water to pounce on a nearby fish, he might actually be honing his hunting skills!

Even if your cat is more of a wader than a swimmer, you can bet that he’d still love it if you dropped some goldfish into his bowl. After all, it’s not called “playing” with your food!

Their love of fish might be a bit strange, but there’s no denying that some cats have an obsession with all things fishy. So whether it comes from their natural hunting instinct or just pure curiosity, we know they’re going to keep gulping down those goldfish – and never share them with you!

Which fish do cats love the most?

Cats are known for loving fish, but what type of fish do they like the best? Some experts believe that cats love bluefish, herring, and eel the most.

You might think this is because those types of fish happen to be more common than tuna or sea bass. Still, other cat experts say it’s because these fish are rich in the amino acid taurine, which is used to make energy for your cat.

Of course, not every cat is willing to share. So if your pet seems to have an obsession with fish, maybe it’s time you head down to the local pet store for some bluefish! Just make sure no one tries to pinch your bag before you get home!

Do cats like looking at fish?

Despite cats eating their own feces, they still hate to see themselves in the mirror. It could be because they view mirrors as territorial boundaries gone wrong! But it’s also possible that they know another cat is lurking somewhere inside… So while your pet may like the thought of fish, he might not like the thought of seeing himself in a bowl!

Is fish actually good for cats?

Yes, fish is actually good for your cat!

Fish contains many vitamins that are beneficial to cats, including fatty acids and oils. Some types of fish also contain taurine, an amino acid used by the body to make energy.

A balanced diet of fresh meat ensures that your cat will get all the nutrients he needs, but some cat owners like to add fish to their pet’s diet.

The most common types of fish used for cats are tuna, salmon, sardines, and herring. But smaller fish (like goldfish) can also be a good source of nutrients if they’re served fresh and raw! If you aren’t sure how to prepare this for your cat, just keep in mind that you’ll need to remove the bones and scales before serving it.

“But not too much fish!”

Although fish is good for cats, they should never eat too much of it! In fact, a consistent diet of fish can lead to mercury poisoning if your pet eats too much! If he’s likely to eat more than one meal on the same day, however, rest assured that fish can still be part of your cat’s diet.

So when it comes to feeding fish (or anything else) to your cat, make sure you do it in moderation! After all, there are many other healthy foods out there besides fish!

Cooked vs raw fish

Cats prefer cooked fish over raw fish. After all, who wants to eat something that’s half-frozen?

Cats also prefer fish that has a strong smell. If you’ve ever seen a cat sniffing at the air while wandering through the kitchen, this might be why! Cats can smell certain amino acids in their food, making it easier for them to tell how fresh it is.

It’s possible that cats are simply interested in fish because of the way it smells… or perhaps they can hear the faint sound of a school of fish swimming around their bowl! Either way, your cat is probably more interested in his food than you expected. Your theory was all wrong!

Why do cats love salmon?

Maybe it’s because salmon is the only type of pink and orange fish, but cats love it. They also seem to be drawn to its texture and taste. In fact, one cat expert even went as far as to call the taste of salmon “crunchy!”

But what exactly is it about salmon that attracts your cat? After all, you might not even know where it comes from – and chances are your cat knows even less.

Why do cats love tuna fish?

It might be because tuna is the only type strong enough to break open its own can! But whatever the reason, your cat seems to love herring.

This might not be very good news for owners trying to keep their homes as close to “cat-friendly” as possible. After all, what else would you do with your tuna besides serve it to your cat?

But if you’re not throwing out all of your cans of tuna, there is a reason why these fish might be the perfect treat for your cat. Tuna contains many omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, which can help keep your fluffy friend’s fur shiny and her skin healthy. Besides, your cat probably loves the taste of fish so much that she’d eat it even if it was bad for her!

Cat play with yellow flopping fish

Fish toys that cats love

Cats like flopping fish toys because they remind them of real fish and satisfy their instinctual hunting and killing instincts. If you put a fish toy in front of your cat, she’ll probably try to make it flap its tail as a real fish would. This encourages her hunting instincts and can actually help you train your cat!

How does the flopping fish work?

The fish toy has a weight in the bottom that causes it to bounce back up when batted. It also makes a “flopping” noise, which reminds your cats of prey and encourages hunting instincts. 


Cats love fish; it’s a fact. They’re drawn to the smell, textures, and tastes of their favorite food, which is why they react so well to flopping fish toys that mimic real prey! If you want your cat to be happy and healthy in her home environment, make sure she has plenty of these types of toys at all times.

Cats need more than just tuna for dinner-so don’t worry if your pet becomes obsessed with this type of meal. You can always supplement her diet with other foods like meats or vegetables (even though cats aren’t naturally carnivores)!

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