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Why do stray cats rub against your legs?

October 16, 2021

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There is a scientific reason for this. The scent glands of cats are on their cheeks and in between their paw pads. When the cat rubs against an object, it is depositing its own scent upon that object. By rubbing against you, your cat is marking you with his scent just as he would do to another feline or some other object.

The scent of the cat is important, especially in feline social hierarchies. They often rub on things to mark their “territory” or when they are happy. It is also common for cats to rub on their owner’s legs after being away from home as a way of marking you as part of their territory.

The act of rubbing against something is also very common among younger cats. Kittens often rub their mother’s mouths when they are nursing, marking her as a food source. This action is seen in both kittens and adult cats alike when they are given another feline’s scent to “mark” that person or pet with their own smell.

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How do stray cats show affection?

Stray cats are usually very affectionate. Stray cats will often rub against their owners’ legs and purr in an attempt to show their love and affection for the human.

So why do stray cats rub against you?

When a cat feels safe and secure, it is common for them to engage in this behavior because they feel like it is their responsibility to protect you. After all, you are part of their family or “clan.”

When your cat rubs against you, it is his way of claiming you as part of his family. Your scent becomes familiar to him, and he will feel comfortable enough around you because he knows who you are.

There is also a practical reason that your cat might rub up against you. Cats have scent glands in their cheeks and on their paws, so when they are petted or rubbed, that area of the body becomes coated in their personal scent.

The next time your cat begins to rub up against you, take a closer look at his facial features. You will notice that his cheek is puffed out, and he is opening his mouth slightly.

He will also begin to push you or rub in a circular motion with his paws.
This behavior is done by both male and female cats and means marking you with their scent so other cats, pets, or people can identify you as part of their clan.

What does it mean when a feral cat rubs against your legs?

This is a sign of affection and an attempt to mark you with their scent. The same actions are seen when the cat marks its territory or other objects in the area. The cat will rub against your legs much like it would rub its cheek or paw pads.

When cats mate, they will often rub against each other to “mark” each other. This scent is important for mating and, later on, the survival of the kittens. When cats mate, they will often remain with one another until after the kittens are born and weaned.

After a cat gives birth to its kittens, it is common to see them rubbing against their offspring and people in the area. They will try to cover the scent of any other feline who may be in the area with their own scent. This helps to ensure that the kitten is recognized as part of her mother’s family and not attacked or taken by another cat.

Two reasons why cats rub against your legs:

Sometimes, this rubbing is simply because cats are happy and feeling affectionate toward you. They are marking you with their scent as a sign of affection. At other times, they are frightened and try to mark you as part of the family group to make themselves feel more secure. When cats do this, it is important not to overreact or try to touch them. It only serves to make them feel even more threatened.

Most of the time, when a cat rubs against your legs, it is simply because they are marking you with their scent to feel more secure within their territory. This is common particularly among feral cats, but also in some pet cats as well.

Pet cats often rub on their owner’s legs to mark them as part of the family. When a cat rubs against your legs, it is important not to push them away or try to interact with them. This only frightens and confuses the cat and will make things worse.

On rare occasions, this rubbing maybe because there is something wrong with your cat’s health. If they continually rub against you, it may be a sign that they are ill. In this case, you should take your cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

As a note of caution, if you have cats and other pets in the home where your cat rubs against you or others, make sure that none of these animals is becoming aggressive toward your cat. When cats are frightened, they may resort to aggression to protect themselves. If you have any concerns about this behavior in your pet cat, talk with the veterinarian and see if anything can be done.

What to do if a stray cat likes you?

If a stray cat discovers that you are nice to it, then there is a good chance that it will become attached to you. However, if the cat is sick or has wounds, you should not try to touch it. It would be better if you call the animal shelter or the humane society so they can come and take care of it.

How do you know if a stray cat likes you?

If you see a feral cat rubbing against your legs or coming up to you and rubbing against your legs, this is often because the stray cat trusts you and feels safe with you. However, if the cat looks like it has wounds or is sick, do not touch it. Call the animal shelter and let them come and help the animal.

If the strays rub on you with its tail up in the air, then it has accepted you as part of its family. If you have made this connection with a cat, then do not try to touch it. Do not put your hand out toward the cat. Rather let it come to your hand. This way, you will know that the cat is comfortable with you and will not run away.

There is a good chance that the cat will come back to visit you. If the cat comes to see you every day or if it follows you home, this means that it has become attached to you and probably belongs to somebody else. If this stray cat has become attached to you, try to touch it and feed him with cat food.

Feral cats are naturally afraid of people, so trying to get too close could cause the cat to run away or even bite you. If a stray cat comes near your home, you should call the humane society, and they will come and take care of it.

How do you get a feral cat to trust you?

If you want a feral cat to trust and like you, then let it come to you. Cats always approach people in their own time, so if one comes to visit your home, do not try and touch it or force it into contact with you.

You should go about your normal business but when the cat comes near you, ignore it completely. Cats are creatures of habit, so if they see that you are not going to get too close, they will soon start coming near you more often.

Cats love routines, so get into a daily routine where you do the same things at about the same time every day. This way, the feral cat will gain confidence in you and start coming near your home independently.


Cats will rub on anything and everything to mark their territory. One of the most popular places for a cat to deposit its scent is on your legs, arms, clothing – you get the idea!

The way they do it is by rubbing against things with their cheek glands or paw pads. And that’s not all cats use this method as an important means of communication among themselves too.

So next time you come home from work and find yourself covered in some kitty love, don’t worry about washing away those loving kisses. Instead, be proud because it shows how much your feline loves you back!

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