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Why Does My Cat Lay On My Clothes?

January 4, 2023

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Lying on the owner’s clothes shows the cat’s love for them. It is because the clothes always carry a person’s smell or scent, which a cat smells or uses to recognize their owner. They also prefer to Lay on their shoes as they feel safe and comfortable and think that the shoes are a member of their territory. 

Moreover, when the pets miss someone, they try to find objects that smell like their holder. The cats also prefer to lay down and play with the owner’s shoes when they are away for the whole day.

If you have a cat as a pet, you should get your clothes and shoes from the cat without bothering them. If you disturb your pet, then there might be a possibility that she can scratch or bite you.

Cat laying down on clothes

Your Shoe and Smell like You

Every person has a smell, which a pet can use to find out or recognize them. However, research shows that cats have more than 20 million sensors in their noses, four times more than humans. Therefore, cats mainly depend on their excellent sense of smell.

Moreover, when you are away from the house, the pet misses you and wants your love and affection. So due to this reason, they prefer to lay on your clothes to take your smell which helps the cat in getting comfort.

Cats also have scent glands in their cheeks, paws, forehead, etc. with the help of these scent glands, cats mark their territory. They only use their scent on those things or people that she likes or thinks it is safe for them. Most cats also mark their owner as their own thing and always miss their touch when they remain away from them.

5 Surprising Facts About Cats & Human Clothes

  1. Cats have been known to “help” their owners get dressed by climbing onto their laps and stepping on their clothing as they get ready in the morning. This behavior is thought to be a way for cats to show affection and mark their territory.
  2. Some cats enjoy wearing clothes and can be trained to tolerate wearing certain items, such as sweaters or jackets.
  3. Cats have been known to steal clothes from their owners and bring them to their hiding spots or toy boxes as “trophies.”
  4. There is a popular trend called “cat cosplay” where cat owners dress up their pets in costumes and take pictures or videos of them, often for social media. Some cats seem to enjoy the attention and even pose for the camera, while others may be less enthused.
  5. Cats may not understand the concept of human clothing, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to rock it like a pro. Don’t be surprised if you find your feline friend lounging in your favorite outfit – they just want to look as stylish as you do!

For Getting Warm

It is irrefutable that cats do not feel cold, just like humans. They always keep themselves warm by using special techniques. For example, cats prefer to sit in their guardian’s shoes and on their clothes in order to get warmth.

Apart from this, sitting on the paper and in the box is also a favorite for cats in order to keep themselves warm. This is because paper is a good insular, and it is much warmer than any other area in the house.

Cute cat look at you

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Cats Prefer to Lay on Your Stuff?

It entirely depends on the cat why she wants to lay on the particular thing. Sometimes she does it to mark the territory; however other reasons are to play or getting warm. So it is not surely said why she is doing so.

Does a Cat Miss the Owner?

In short, the answer is ‘yes’; cats miss their owner. It is because; they feel safe and comfortable with them and always do various things in order to catch their attention. Moreover, they are pretty intelligent, and when the owner is away from them, then she lays on their clothes to get the smell.

How Does a Cat Choose the Favorite Person?

Research shows that the cat chooses a person only to fulfill the requirement of food and shelter. Talking about choosing a favorite person then the person who doesn’t hurt them is their favorite. Additionally, the finger touch method is considered the best method to help a person to start communication with the cat. It is because it provides an opportunity for the cat to sense your smell and decide whether you are safe or not.


The cat is a brilliant animal who tries several things to attract people toward her. Apart from this, the pet cat also lays on their owner’s clothes so that the owner will lift her and start playing with her.

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