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Why Does My Cat Like My Shoes?

December 21, 2022

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It is right that cars are mysterious and there are lots of things that they do which makes people curious about the things that they want to know about. You may have seen your cat sleeping or just playing with your shoes. It’s not only you; there are many cat owners who have noticed the same behavior.

Sometimes, it becomes so hard for your pet behavior and because we cannot understand or speak their language, communication does become so hard. Science has its place and can offer you deeper insight about the cat’s mind and you will know why cats love the shoes.

Cat laying down on the sun with shoe

Reasons why they love shoes

The reason why the cats are attracted to shoes, is explained in the following points:

Odor familiarities

Cats have the same sense as humans but for them smell is a more important sense as compared to us. The sense of smell for the cats is about 14 times stronger than the humans. It is partially because they have twice the number of olfactory receptors. More importantly, this organ does allow the cats to taste the scents and even provide them information about the smell.

For felines, scent is important and they use it to judge several things. They are attracted to the new smell naturally and may investigate them. The scent is familiar with the cats and they seem to be attracted to that.

Brings comfort

Cats getting into your shoes mean they are getting in your way to show the love they have for you. The house cats are soothed by the presence of the person even if the person is not there. If not directly, scent will be the substitute for them and will make them feel comfortable and close to you. 

It helps in keeping your cat calm mainly when they are stressed about something.  It is not uncommon for the person to see the cats displaying their behavior with the items that their owner uses regularly such as blankets, clothing or other things.

Want to mark territory

You may have known that dogs do mark their territory and if they do, the cats also mark their territory but they do it in a less impactful way. In cats, you will find glands throughout the bodies and that produces the pheromones uniquely scented to the cat.

Every time the cat rubs their face against any object then that means they are marketing their territory with their smell. Once your cat marks their territory on your shoes with their scent then that will not just include your smell but also the cat smell too which makes the shoes more attractive to them.

How can you take your shoes back from the cat?

If your cat has kept the shoes to themselves as they are so attractive to it. If it does not affect you then there is no reason to stop the cat. But if you are tired because it always smells like your cat or is covered with their hair then you can just check the simple solution which will help you with that.

  • The best way is to store them away where your cat cannot easily reach. You can put it in the closet or anywhere else. You need to be aware because your cat may look for some other object that will have a similar scent.
  • If you cannot stand the hair of your cat on the shoes then just offer them new things instead of minding their behavior. You can just give them a pair of old shoes or any other items that you do not use and can be the best replacement for your regular shoes.

Frequently asked questions

Why does your cat like your shoes?

The cats may like to smell your shoes and sleep in your shoes and that is their way to tell you that they are comfortable in your company and love you.

Why does your cat nuzzle your shoes?

Many cat owners do see this as an indication to show affection and welcome their behavior. When cats rub their body against any object then that means they are transferring their scent to it. When cats nuzzle their face then that deposits the scent from their glands.

Can you give something to your cat as a replacement?

Yes, you can give something as a replacement to your cat which includes your smell.


Cats seem to think they own the house, especially when it comes to your shoes! But why do cats love snuggling up with them so much? It’s a combination of comfort and familiarity. To keep those kitty cuddles out of shoe territory, store away footwear or provide other items that have an equally cozy feel – like flopping fish toy or scratching posts.

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