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Why Does My Cat Sleep In The Bathroom?

December 5, 2022

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Cats are from birth naturally independent and are also among the most loved animals widely. Most people have a cat, so you’ve likely had one or more experiences with your cat sleeping in the bathroom before. The bathroom area is a safe, relaxed and comfortable place for the cat that is also free from noise.

Some cats sleep in their owner’s bathroom, but why does your cat do this? And should you be concerned? These questions may arise in your mind; if so, you are not the only one thinking the same. There are more than hundreds of cat parents who are thinking about it too.

Many cat parents consider or see cats as their family members. Therefore, when the cat owner regularly notices that the cat sleeps in the bathroom, they worry about this behavior. Below are some interesting and valid reasons why cats often take naps in the bathroom sink or bathtub.

Cats Like The Quietness Of Bathroom

The bathroom is quiet because it’s not a mingling or time-spending place. This area of the home can be considered a safe one, too, so the cat may feel less anxious when sleeping there. Everyone like sleeping in the quietest place, so the cat also wants it.

Another reason bathrooms are known as the quietest place of any household is that they are different from other rooms in size and number of windows. Because of the quietness of the bathroom, cats find it the perfect sleeping spot.

According to Dr. Nicholas Dodman, a professor at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and author of The Cat Who Cried for Help, cats are drawn to bathrooms because they prefer quiet and solitude. They also like to explore small enclosed places, such as closets or drawers. Bathrooms provide both of these things in one convenient spot.

Two kitten standing on a sink
Wanna play with us?

Because The Sound Of Running Water

  • The sound of running water is one of the most interesting and ear-pleasing sounds that draw cat interest. 
  • This sound creates an interesting and enjoyable effect on the cat. 
  • Whether your cat likes getting wet or not, once they see dropping water from the faucet, they will not resist without playing with water.

Sinks Look Like Perfect Cat Beds

If you have a cat that is like a cat bed, it will love to sleep in the sink. This is because the sink looks like a cat bed and is perfect in size and comfortable for sleeping. Every time cats sleep inside the bathroom sink; they don’t feel uncomfortable because of the perfect curves of the sink.

Cat laying down in a sink
I will sleep here, ok?

Cats Look Bathroom Like A Big Playground

Your cat is fascinated with the bathtub and sink, which is another reason they like the bathroom. The bathtub and the sink become interesting places for the cat to play and explore since these are good places for playing, relaxing in quietness, and taking a nap.

There are many things for cats to play with inside the bathroom, like toilet paper, hanging towels and robes, a sink, and a tub. They play and entertain themselves inside the bathroom for uncountable hours. Generally, the doors of a bathroom are kept closed. But once they get a chance to enter your bathroom, they see it as a big playground or jungle gym for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Bad That Your Cat Sleep In The Bathroom?

No, it’s not bad because it’s a natural habit for cats to sleep or nap in a safe and quiet place. A bathroom is a place that can be considered peaceful and quiet in your home. So the cat feels comfortable and good sleeping during daytime and night time there.

In Which Place Do Your Cats Like Sleeping The Most?

Cats love sleeping; they usually sleep 12 to 16 hours a day. This is because they found a comfortable or non-disturbed place to sleep, such as under a blanket, enclosed space, high perches, and warm spots. Also, sleeping inside the bathroom is one of their favorite places to sleep.

Is It True That Some Cats Like Bathtubs?

Yes, it is true; some cats like a bathtub. It is a big reason why they come to the bathroom to sleep. The most obvious reason they like bathtubs is they don’t feel safe in the house or maybe feel unwell. Also, they sometimes like being around the bathtub in search of fresh and cold water.

The Final Words

Cat sleeping in the bathroom is not something that should worry you. You may have noticed your cat’s strange behavior; however, if you see that the cat feels comfortable and safe sleeping inside the bathroom, you shouldn’t force them to sleep in another place.

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